Erik Chitty

Erik Chitty (8 July 1907 in Dover, Kent[1] – 22 July 1977 Brent, Middlesex[2]), was an English stage, film and television actor.[3][4][5]

Erik Chitty
Born(1907-07-08)8 July 1907
Dover, Kent, UK
Died22 July 1977(1977-07-22) (aged 70)
Alma materRADA
Years active1937-1977
Spouse(s)Hester Bevan
  • Ann
  • Hilary
  • Richard

Early life

Chitty was the son of a flour miller, Frederick Walter Chitty and his wife Ethel Elsie Assistance née Franklin; they married in 1902. He attended Dover College and Jesus College, Cambridge where he was one of the founders of the Cambridge University Mummers, before training at RADA and becoming a professional actor.[6] He then ran his own repertory company in Frinton-on-Sea.


Early television (1936–1939)

Chitty was an early player in the fledgling BBC television, which started in November 1936 until it was closed at the beginning of the War.

  Pyramus And Thisbe (28 jan 1938)[7]
A most lamentable comedy by William Shakespeare
Author William Shakespeare
ProducerJan Bussell
BottomWilfrid Walter
QuinceCharles Lefeaux
FluteDon Gemell
SnoutErik Chitty
SnugHerbert Lees
StarvelingHubert Leslie
TheseusJohn Rudling
PhilostrateKenneth Villiers
HippolytaJillian Sandilands
  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (2 mar 1938)[8]
Author W. S. Gilbert
ProducerJan Bussell
GuildensternErik Chitty
RosencrantzLeonard Sachs
HamletPeter Ridgeway
OpheliaAlexis France
King ClaudiusGraham Clifford
Queen GertrudeMadge Brindley
First PlayerConnaught Stanleigh
Second PlayerEthne Wall
  Henry IV (22 mar 1938)[9]
Author Luigi Pirandello
TranslatorEdward Storer
ProducerDallas Bower
Henry IVErnest Milton
Marchioness Matilda SpinaCecilie Burne
Frida, her daughterValerie Hobson
The Marquis Charles di NolliDenis Blakelock
The Baron Tito BelcrediAnthony Ireland
Dr. Dionysius GenoniBromley Davenport
HaroldDouglas Matthews
LandolphPatrick Ludlow
OrdulphJack Lambert
BertholdBasil Langton
JohnHarding Steerman
ValetsErik Chitty
Stuart Latham
  The White Chateau Armistice Day (11 nov 1938)[10]
Author : Reginald Berkeley
ProductionRoyston Morley
Diane van EysenAntoinette Cellier
Deputy Chief-of-StaffA. R. Whatmore
Sergeant Major Lewis
Gun Sergeant
Edward Lexy
The ChancellorHarold Scott
Captain LuttrellWilliam Hutchison
Commander-in-ChiefBernard Miles
Charles van EysenEric Powley
Private Waters
Private Cossington
Ivor Barnard
Trooper of Uhlans
Sergeant Harvey
George Woodbridge
Jacques van Eysen
Private Mason
A British Soldier
Ben Wright
Trooper of Uhlans
Erik Chitty
A British Soldier
Richard George
Trooper of Uhlans
Lieutenant Barrington
Lewis Gunner
Peter Ashmore
Captain Braithwaite
A British Soldier
Claude Bailey
Staff Colonel
Artillery Liaison Officer Williams
George Bishop
Officer of UhlansHans Wengraf
Second Lieutenant Matheson
Peter Scott
American DoctorFrank Thornton-Bassett
A British Soldier
Alex McCrindle
Violet CordingJean Winstanley
Madame van EysenMary Hinton
Kitchen Maid
Army Nursing Sister
Yvonne Sinclair
The VoiceIvan Samson
And with the co-operation of members of
the 53rd (London) Medium Brigade, R.A., T.A., and
the 7th Bn. the Middlesex Regiment, T.A.
Music from :Sibelius's
Second Symphony
Verse from the works of : Cecil Day Lewis
Wilfred Owen
T. S. Eliot
W. H. Auden
Ezra Pound
1 : The dining-room of the White Chateau, August, 1914
2 : The same, December, 1914
3 : A trench in the grounds of the White Chateau, 1917
4 : The ruins of the White Chateau, 1918
5 : A hospital, 1918
6 : The garden of the White Chateau, 1919
  Edna's Fruit Hat (27 jan 1939)[11]
A romance by John Pudney
Writer John Pudney
ProductionRoyston Morley
EdnaJosephine Wilson
GeorgeMaurice Denham
FannyAgnes Lauchlan
ClaraDorothy Black
RuthLucy Sibley
Cousin SidErik Chitty
Mrs GussettDora Gregory
The LawyerCharles Maunsell
The AnnouncerStuart Latham
NeighboursKathleen Edwardes
Phyllis Morris
  The Tempest (3 feb 1939)[12]
Author William Shakespeare
Incidental Music
Arranged by
Jean Sibelius
Hyam Greenbaum
DecorMalcolm Baker
DancersMembers of the London Ballet
Dancers directed byAntony Tudor
BBC Television Orchestra
Boris Pecker
Hyam Greenbaum
ProductionDallas Bower
AlonsoAlan Wheatley
SebastianOliver Burt
ProsperoJohn Abbott
AntonioBasil C. Langton
FerdinandRichard Ainley
GonzaloJohn Turnbull
AdrianStuart Latham
FranciscoGraham Payn
CalibanGeorge Devine
TrinculoRichard Goolden
StephanoCharles Farrell
Ship's MasterDennis Price
BoatswainErik Chitty
MirandaPeggy Ashcroft
ArielStephen Haggard
IrisVera Lindsay
  The Unquiet Spirit (3 mar 1939)[13]
Author Jean-Jacques Bernard
Translator from FrenchJ. Leslie Frith
ProducerRoyston Morley
DecorMalcolm Baker-Smith
MarcelineCatherine Lacey
PhilipPercy Marmont
AntoineStafford Byrne
RobertAndrew Osborn
LemeslePeter Scott
EmileReginald Beckwith
Hall PorterErik Chitty
IdaMiriam Adams
FannyNina Evans
  Katharine and Petruchio (12 apr 1939)[14]
Being the acting version of Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew', prepared for his own use by David Garrick in 1754
Writer William Shakespeare
Incidental MusicJames Hartley
CostumesElizabeth Haffenden
ProductionDallas Bower
PetruchioAustin Trevor
HortensioAlan Wheatley
GrumioIvor Barnard
KatharineMargaretta Scott
BaptistaBen Webster
BiancaVera Lindsay
BiondelloStuart Latham
CurtisDavid Keir
NathanielWill Leighton
JosephFrank Parkington
NicholasCyprian Bridge
PhilipWilliam Dickinson
A TailorErik Chitty
  Annajanska, The Bolsjevik Empress (2 may 1939)[15]
A revolutionary romancelet by G. Bernard Shaw
Writer G. Bernard Shaw
ProductionDallas Bower
StammfestErik Chitty
SchneidekindAlan Wheatley
AnnajanskaVera Lindsay
Two soldiersCyprian Bridge
William Dickinson
  The Advantages of Paternity (12 may 1939)[16][17]
Author Horton Giddy
ProducerDenis Johnston
General YaguninBrefni O'Rorke
Colonel IlyitchFrank Thornton-Bassett
BrunovErik Chitty
OrderlyStuart Latham

1946 onwards

His television credits included a major role as the aged "Mr. Smith" in Please Sir!, and multiple appearances in Dad's Army, Raffles, Doctor Who, Danger Man, Maigret, Man About the House and The Goodies.[18][4] He appeared in the TV musical Pickwick for the BBC in 1969.[19]

Personal life

Chitty was married to the former actress Hester Bevan and had two daughters and one son. He was also a keen genealogist.[20]



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