Eric M. Hammel

Eric M. Hammel is a military historian, with a focus on the military campaigns of the United States Marine Corps, and military action in World War II.

Eric Maxwell Hammel
Born (1946-06-29) June 29, 1946
ResidencePacifica, California
EducationAttended C. W. Post College, 1964
Temple University, B.S. (journalism), 1972
Alma materCentral High School of Philadelphia, January 1964
Employer- 1966-67 Colonial Penn Life Insurance, Philadelphia, PA, insurance claims adjustor
- 1968-69 F. W. Woolworth, Philadelphia, retail sales manager
- 1970-71, W. T. Grant, Philadelphia, public relations writer and account executive
- 1971-73 Eric Hammel Advertising, Glenside, PA, owner
- 1974-75 Gevim Recorder Industry, Kibbutz Gevim, Israel, marketing director for sale of musical instruments
- 1976-1986, BSH Advertising, Inc., Pacifica, CA, president
- 1986-- Full-time writer
AgentRussell Galen
Scott Meredith Literary Agency
845 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022
Known forwriter on military history, especially the U.S. Marine Corps
Notable work
The root : the marines in Beirut, August 1982-February 1984
Home townPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse(s)married Barbara Sidman (in insurance claims), August 7, 1966
ChildrenRemy Sharon
Daniel Adam
Parent(s)Fred L. and Hannah L. Hammel
Awards1981, Retail Advertisers' Conference, for radio advertisement for Kennedy Business Machines
1985, Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association Award of Merit, for The Root

Hammel worked in several occupations before he settled on writing and publishing. He has been a stringer and contributing editor to Leatherneck Magazine.[2] He owned and operated a publishing business under the names Pacifica Press and Pacifica Military History.


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  • Marine Corps Historical Foundation
  • Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association
  • Marine Corps Association
  • The Chosin Few (honorary founder)
  • Second Marine Division Association
  • Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans


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