Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen

Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen nicknamed the winner (German: Erich I., Herzog von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen; c.1383 28 May 1427), ruled the Principality of Grubenhagen, a part of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Died(1427-05-28)28 May 1427
Noble familyHouse of Guelph
Spouse(s)Elisabeth of Brunswick-Göttingen
FatherAlbert I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
MotherAgnes I of Brunswick-Lüneburg


Eric was the only son of the Duke Albert I of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, who died in 1383, and his wife Agnes I, a daughter of Duke Magnus II of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Eric inherited Brunswick-Grubenhagen at a very early age; he stood until 1401 under the guardianship of his uncle, Duke Frederick of Grubenhagen-Osterode. From 1402 they joined ruled the principality and Eric moved his residence to Salzderhelden.

Disputes arose with his cousins Bernard I and Frederick I of Lüneburg, with the city of Brunswick, with his former guardian, with the counts of Schwarzburg and the Landgrave of Thuringia. All these disputes were soon settled again.

In 1406 Eric was captured in a feud with the Lords of Hardenberg in Lindau. He was only released after he gave them a written Urfehde and the city of Osterode am Harz as collateral.

In 1415 Eric declared war on the Counts of Hohenstein, because both sides claimed the county of Bad Lauterberg im Harz and defeated them near the village of Osterhagen. Count Guenther of Hohnstein died during the battle; Counts Henry and Ernest were captured and had to pay 8000 florins and renounce their claims to redeem themselves.

A dispute with the Lords of Bortfeld was settled soon after Eric entered into an alliance against them with the City of Brunswick. A dispute with Landgrave Frederick "the Peaceful" of Thuringia about the city of Einbeck was also settled quickly.

In 1422, the Abbess of Gandersheim Abbey (who happened to be his daughter Agnes II of Brunswick-Grubenhagen) enfeoffed him with castle and city of Elbingerode. In 1424, the Abbess of Quedlinburg Abbey, Countess Adelheid of Isenburg), enfeoffed the Dukes of Grubenhagen with Duderstadt, Gieboldehausen and the Golden Mark.

Marriage and issue

Eric was married to Elisabeth, a daughter of Duke Otto I "the Angry" of Brunswick-Göttingen. They had three sons and five daughters, among which:


References and sources

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Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Born: around 1383 Died: 28 May 1427
Preceded by
Albert I
Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Prince of Grubenhagen

Succeeded by
Henry III

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