Erhard Riecke

Rudolf Erhard Riecke (11 May 1869, in Aschersleben 15 November 1939, in Leipzig) was a German dermatologist and venereologist.

He studied medicine at the universities of Munich and Halle, receiving his doctorate in 1895. In 1902 he obtained his habilitation for dermatology at the University of Leipzig, and in 1908 became an associate professor. From 1914 onward, he was a professor of dermatology at the University of Göttingen, where in 1932 he was named academic rector. In 1917 he was appointed director of the new university policlinic for skin and venereal diseases.[1][2]

He is remembered for his research of ichthyosis congenita, a disease he classified into three types based on severity (ichthyosis congenita gravis, mitis and tarda).[3][4] In 1900 he published Über Ichtyosis congenita regarding the disorder.[2]

Selected works

  • Hygiene der Haut, Haare und Nägel, im gesunden und kranken Zustande, 1905 Hygiene of the skin, hair and nails, in healthy and diseased conditions.
  • Verzeichnis der periodischen Schriften medizinischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Inhalts in der Bibliothek, den medizinischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Instituten der Universität Leipzig (Based on Werner Spalteholz, continued by Erhard Riecke, 1907) List of the periodicals of medical and natural sciences in the library, the medical and natural sciences institutes of the University of Leipzig.
  • Lehrbuch der Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten (1909, 5th edition 1920) Textbook of skin and sexual diseases.[5]
  • Creeping disease (with Johann Heinrich Rille) In: Handbuch der Hautkrankheiten, volume 4, 2, 1909 The creeping disease.[6]


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