Ergastolo (aka Prison) is a black and white 1952 Italian crime melodrama film directed by Luigi Capuano.

aka Prison (UK)
Directed byLuigi Capuano
Produced byFortunato Misiano
Written byLuigi Capuano
Armando Curcio
StarringFranco Interlenghi
Sandro Ruffini
Marisa Merlini
Leda Gloria
Music byAlberico Vitalini
CinematographyGiuseppe La Torre
Distributed byRomana Film
Siden Film
Release date
May 19, 1952 (1952-05-19)
Running time
90 minutes


Rosa Lulli, has an illegitimate 20-year-old son, named Stefano, who lives with her in the house of Professor Arlotta. Stefano is in love with Lydia, the granddaughter of the professor. The couple has a gambling addiction: the need to obtain a large sum to meet gambling debts, which pushes him to accept the loving invitation of Jeannette, owner of a dance school, where Stefano goes to play. But Jeannette is the lover of Pasquale Anitra, head of a criminal gang. When he is killed in Jeannette's home, Stefano is framed and arrested and tried for the murder. Stefano is sentenced to life in prison. Lydia, attending dance school, later hears a conversation in which Jeannette confesses to the murder. She tells the police, but is kidnapped by the criminal gang. During the chase, Jeannette is wounded and before dying, confesses to the authorities. Stefano is freed and marries Lydia.



The film grossed 223,000,000.00 lire at the box office.[1]


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