Envy (band)

Envy is a Japanese screamo band formed in Tokyo, in 1992. They are signed to Rock Action Records in Europe and Temporary Residence Limited in North America, though originally they worked with Level Plane Records. Initially influential in the post-hardcore and screamo scenes, Envy soon began to employ elements of post-rock in their work as well.[1]

Tetsuya Fukagawa performing with Envy in Hong Kong in 2011
Background information
OriginTokyo, Japan
GenresPost-hardcore, screamo, post-rock
Years active1992present
LabelsTemporary Residence Limited, Rock Action, Level Plane
Associated actsThursday, Jesu, This Machine Kills, Yaphet Kotto, Iscariote, Endavor, Sixpence
MembersTetsuya Fukagawa
Nobukata Kawai
Manabu Nakagawa
Yoshimitsu Taki
Hiroki Watanabe
Past membersMasahiro Tobita
Dairoku Seki

They have released 6 studio albums to date, as well as several EPs and splits, most notably with Jesu and American post-hardcore band Thursday. Original member and vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa left Envy in 2016.[2]

On February 6, 2018, Envy announced a new lineup consisting of Yoshi, Yoshimitsu Taki, and Hiroki Watanabe. A Japanese press release added that two members had left the band[3], and founding guitarist and drummer Masahiro Tobita and Dairoku Seki were no longer listed as members on the band's Facebook page or website.

On April 1, 2018, Tetsuya Fukagawa surprise-rejoined Envy on stage for the first time in two and a half years, cementing his return to the band. This was subsequently confirmed via the band's official social media pages.


  • Nobukata Kawai — guitar (1992-present)
  • Manabu Nakagawa — bass (1992-present)
  • Tetsuya Fukagawa — vocals, programming (1992-2016, 2018-present)
  • Yoshi — guitar (2018-present)
  • Yoshimitsu Taki — guitar (2018-present)
  • Hiroki Watanabe — drums (2018-present)
  • Masahiro Tobita — guitar (1992–2018)
  • Dairoku Seki — drums (1992–2018)


Studio albums


  • Breathing and Dying in This Place CD (H.G. Fact) (1996)
  • Angel's Curse Whispered in the Edge of Despair LP/CD (H.G. Fact) (1999)
  • The Eyes of Single Eared Prophet CD (H.G. Fact) (2000)
  • Burning Out Memories 10" (Molaire Industries) (2000)
  • Abyssal EP/CD (Sonzai) (2007)
  • Definition of Impossibility (Pelagic Records) (2019)


  • Split 7" with Sixpence (H.G. Fact) (1997)
  • Split 7" with Endeavor (H.G. Fact) (1997)
  • Split 7" with This Machine Kills (H.G. Fact) (2000)
  • Split CD with Iscariote (Waiting for an Angel/Sonzai/Level Plane; 10" released by Pure Pain Sugar/Code Of Ethics) (2002)
  • Split CD with Yaphet Kotto and This Machine Kills (Sonzai) (2003)
  • "Envy / Jesu" LP/CD (Daymare Recordings) (2008)
  • "Thursday / Envy" LP/CD (Temporary Residence Limited) (2008)


  • Eyes of Final Proof (H.G. Fact) (2000)
  • Last Wish (H.G. Fact) (2001)


  • "As Serenity Calls Your Name" (Sonzai) (2011)
  • Alnair in August (2018)


  • Transfovista DVD (Sonzai) (2007)



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