Ensemble Theatre

The Ensemble Theatre is an Australian theatre company, situated in Kirribilli, New South Wales. It is Australia's longest continuously running professional theatre group,[1] having given its first performance in Cammeray Children's Library on 11 May 1958. It relocated to the current premises in the old boatshed on the shore of Careening Cove in 1960.[2] The theatre was founded by Hayes Gordon AO OBE along with the Ensemble Studios acting school, which introduced Stanislavsky-influenced method acting to Australia. Ensemble Studios was Australia's longest surviving acting school when it closed in 2009. Gordon passed on the position of Artistic Director of Ensemble Theatre to Sandra Bates in 1986, but remained Principal of the acting school until his death in 1999. Bates was joined by Mark Kilmurry first as her deputy and then as co-director, with Kilmurry replacing Bates upon her retirement in 2015.

The most successful play in the theatre's history is Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, a two-hander which in 2006 paired Todd McKenney, in his first non-musical play, with Nancye Hayes.[3] The pair reprised these roles ten years later, reuniting with Sandra Bates in her final directorial role.[4][5] The play was taken on tour, in collaboration with Christine Dunstan Productions, and won the 2007 Helpmann Award for Best Regional Touring Production.[6]

The complex also incorporates Bayly's Restaurant, named in honour of the actress Lorraine Bayly, in recognition of her long-running commitment to the Ensemble Theatre (she was a founding member), to mark her retirement from the stage in June 2003.[7]

In 2016, the Ensemble produced the Sydney premiere of Jane Cafarella's e-baby, a two-hander "quietly feminist play that asserts a heartfelt approach towards matters of infertility, adoption and motherhood."[8] Caferella's first full-length play[9] which was world premiered in 2015 at the Chapel Off Chapel theatre in Melbourne.[10] The Ensemble production was directed by Nadia Tass, multi-award winner for her films Malcolm and Amy, and starred Danielle Carter and Gabrielle Scawthorn; Carter and Scawthorn were described as bringing "such life to their roles" and being "utterly believable in equal parts loveable and frustrating [so that] the heartbreak, when it comes, is visceral."[11] Tass, described e-baby as "a play for today the advances in medicine create a new world that allows new possibilities in e-baby we enter that world and explore the raw truth, the unbridled joy and the paradox of surrogacy through a carefully woven story of love, generosity and a newborn child."[12]


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