Enemies (1940 film)

Enemies (German: Feinde) is a 1940 German drama film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Brigitte Horney, Willy Birgel and Reinhold Lütjohann.[1] The film was a Nazi propaganda work, attacking Poland which Germany had invaded the year before. The film's sets were designed by Gerbert Hochreiter, Alfred Metscher and Julius von Borsody.

Directed byViktor Tourjansky
Produced byCarl W. Tetting
Written by
Music byLothar Brühne
CinematographyFritz Arno Wagner
Edited byWalter Fredersdorf
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
  • 7 November 1940 (1940-11-07)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryNazi Germany


  • Brigitte Horney as Anna
  • Willy Birgel as Keith
  • Reinhold Lütjohann as Wegner
  • Karl-Heinz Peters as Antek
  • Arthur Fritz Eugens as Paul Wegner - Sohn
  • Iván Petrovich as Jan
  • Arnulf Schröder as Wladek
  • Hedwig Wangel as Liska
  • Carl Wery as Martin
  • Beppo Brem as Wegereit
  • Gerd Høst as Marianne Wegner, Tochter
  • Nicolas Koline as Andreas
  • Friedrich Ettel as Keller
  • Ludwig Schmid-Wildy as Lessing
  • Walter Holten as Böhme
  • Hannes Keppler as Hans Martin
  • José Held as Stach
  • Peter Busse as Tischlergehilfe
  • Paul Dahlke as Fährmann
  • Maria Heil as Mutti, deutsche Flüchtlingsfrau
  • Hans Benedikt
  • Katharina Berger as Flüchtlingsfrau
  • Heinz Burkhardt as Flüchtling
  • Willy Cronauer as Pole in der Schenke
  • Anita Düwell as Flüchtlingsfrau
  • Walter Ebert-Grassow
  • Franz Fröhlich
  • Karl Gelfius as Kattwig, Flüchtling
  • Fred Goebel as Pole in der Schenke
  • Karl Hanft as Polnischer Wachtposten
  • Walter Hillbring as Stefan
  • Charles Willy Kayser as Flüchtling
  • Walter Kindler
  • Otto Kuhlmann
  • Helmut Kutzner
  • Emanuel Matousek as Pole in der Schenke
  • Justus Paris as Pole in der Schenke
  • Arthur Reinhardt as Ignaz
  • Kurt Uhlig as Pole in der Schenke
  • Werner Völger
  • Dolf Zenzen as Pole in der Schenke


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