Endemol Shine Group

Endemol Shine Group B.V. is a Dutch-British production and distribution company of scripted and non-scripted content, responsible for programmes such as Big Brother, The Voice, MasterChef, Your Face Sounds Familiar,[2] Peaky Blinders,[3] Black Mirror,[4] Humans,[5] Grantchester and Tin Star.[6]

Endemol Shine Group B.V.
Joint venture
IndustryTelevision production
Film distributor
FateSale to Banijay pending[1]
Founded1 January 2015 (2015-01-01)
Key people
Sophie Turner Laing (CEO)
Owners (50% each)
Number of employees
6,500 (2016)
DivisionsFull list of Divisions
SubsidiariesEndemol Shine North America
Endemol Shine UK
Endemol Shine Australia
Endemol Shine India
Endemol Shine Germany
Endemol Shine France
Endemol Shine Iberia
Endemol Shine International

In 2018, Endemol Shine Group had 700 productions on air across 270 platforms and channels. K7 Media report's Tracking the Giants: Top 100 Travelling TV Formats 2018-19 also recognized Endemol Shine Group as the production and distribution company with the most travelled formats in 2018.[7]

Formed in 2015 through a merger of Dutch television studio Endemol and Elisabeth Murdoch's UK-based studio Shine Group, Endemol Shine Group companies include Dragonfly, Kudos, and Princess Productions. It also includes: Shine TV which was founded in 2001 by Elisabeth Murdoch; and Metronome Film & Television, a Scandinavian-based production group. EndemolShine International is the group's international distribution arm and is responsible for the distribution of the various formats of the group.[8] The group has also established international companies Endemol Shine North America, Endemol Shine Australia, Endemol Shine India, Endemol Shine Germany, Endemol Shine France, and Endemol Shine Iberia. Since March 20, 2019, it is jointly owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, a business segment of The Walt Disney Company, and Apollo Global Management, with each holding a 50% share. On 22 October 2019, French company Banijay Group announced its intent to acquire Endemol Shine from Disney and Apollo, and the proposed deal was approved on 26 October 2019, pending regulators approval.


Merger of Endemol and Shine Group in 2014

In May 2014, Apollo and 21st Century Fox announced a joint venture to combine 21st Century Fox's Shine Group and Apollo's Endemol and CORE Media Group.[9] The transaction was completed on 17 December 2014. Both Apollo and 21st Century Fox owning 50% of the joint venture called, "Endemol Shine Group" that took place on 1 January 2015.[9]


Endemol was founded in 1994 by a merger of television production companies owned by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol, the name deriving from the combination of their surnames.[10]

Endemol specialised in formatted programming that can be adapted for different countries around the world as well as different media platforms. One notable success has been the Big Brother reality television show, with versions in many countries after the initial Dutch version. Other examples include Deal or No Deal (sold to over 75 countries), The Money Drop (sold in over 50 countries), Fear Factor (sold in 30 countries) and Wipeout (sold in over 35 countries). In recent years the company has also been expanding its English language drama output with shows such as titles such as The Fall, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street and Black Mirror in the UK and Hell on Wheels in the USA. In November 2013 the company launched Endemol Beyond, an international division specialising in original content for digital video platforms such as YouTube.

Shine Group

Shine Limited was founded in March 2001 by Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch. The company was 80% owned by Elisabeth Murdoch, 15% by Lord Alli, and 5% by BSkyB, who signed a deal guaranteeing to buy an agreed amount of Shine programming for two years.

In 2006 Shine acquired Kudos Film and Television, Princess Productions and Dragonfly Film and Television Productionsto create the Shine Group, although they still operate as four separate entities.

Shine acquired Reveille Productions in 2008. News Corporation (later 21st Century Fox, but assets are now split between The Walt Disney Company and Fox Corporation) acquired Shine Group in April 2011 for $415 million.[9] US pension funds who are shareholders in News Corporation are suing the company accusing Murdoch of nepotism.[11]

Sale to Banijay

In April 2018, Fox and Apollo appointed Deutsche Bank and Aryeh Bourkoff's Liontree to handle a potential sale of Endemol Shine, following Fox's sale to The Walt Disney Company.[12] William Morris Endeavor[13] and Banijay Group[14] had eyed an acquisition of Endemol Shine, with Banijay reported to have even entered advanced talks to buy the studio.[15]

On 29 August 2018, the RTL Group (which owns Fremantle) withdrew its bid for Endemol Shine.[16] In September 2018, BBC Studios,[17] along with Discovery, Inc. and Liberty Global (which each own 50% of All3Media)[18] announced that they would not bid on the studio. ITV plc provisionally placed a bid on the studio but did not confirm an official bid as the sale is still only a potential scenario at this point.[19] In October 2018, ITV plc withdrew from the auction.[20] Sony Pictures Entertainment, DHX Media (now Wildbrain) and Lionsgate also ruled out of the bidding.[21] ProSiebenSat.1 Media (which owns Red Arrow Studios) was reported to be considered for a joint bid with Banijay, but the latter ruled itself out as well.[22]

Endemol Shine later made a statement that they had been in negotiations with several parties and were confident they would have an owner by end of November 2018.[23] However, on 6 November 2018 it was reported that both Fox and Apollo have decided to suspend the selling process as a deal could not be reached by prospective buyers. In the meantime, Fox's 50% stake in the company was given to Disney.[24] The report was published hours before European Commission's clearance of Disney's impending purchase of Fox on certain conditions.[25]

On 22 October 2019, Banijay officially announced its intent to acquire Endemol Shine from Disney and Apollo for over $2.2 billion.[26] The merger was approved on 26 October 2019, pending antitrust approval.[27]

Endemol Shine International

Endemol Shine International is the sales and distribution branch of the group. It handles the licensing and international distribution of television formats from Endemol Shine to around 150 countries worldwide.



  • Endemol Shine North America
    • Endemol Shine Latino[28]
    • Endemol Shine Studios
    • Endemol Shine Boomdog
    • 51 Minds
    • Authentic Entertainment
    • Truly Original
  • Endemol Shine UK[29]
  • B&B Endemol Shine (Switzerland)
  • Endemol Shine Asia
  • Endemol Shine Australia
    • EndemolShine Banks (joint venture with Imogen Banks)[34]
  • Endemol Shine Belgium
  • Endemol Shine Brasil
  • Endemol Shine China
  • Endemol Shine France
  • Endemol Shine Germany[35]
    • Florida TV
    • META Productions
    • Herr P. GmbH
    • Jukers Media
  • Endemol Shine Iberia[36]
    • Gestmusic
    • Zeppelin TV
    • Diagonal TV
    • Tuiwok Estudios
    • Telegenia
    • Shine Iberia
    • Endemol Portugal
  • Endemol Shine Israel
    • Reshet 13 (10%)
  • Endemol Shine Italy
    • YAM
  • Endemol Shine Nederland
    • Simpel Media
    • NL Film & TV
  • Endemol Shine Nordics[37]
    • Heartland ApS (Denmark)
    • Metronome Productions A/S (Denmark)
    • Studios A/S (Denmark)[38]
    • Metronome Spartacus AB (Norway)
    • Rubicon TV AS (Norway)
    • Filmlance International AB (Sweden)
    • Meter Television AB (Sweden)
    • Mag5 Content AB (Sweden)
    • Metronome Post AB (Sweden)
    • STO-CPH Produktion AB (Sweden)
    • Endemol Shine Finland
  • Endemol Shine India
  • Endemol Shine Polska
  • WeiT Media (Russia)[39]


  • Endemol Shine International

Digital and Gaming

  • ChannelFlip – a creator of short form online video programming in the UK. Founded in 2008 by Justin Gayner and Wil Harris.
  • Brown Eyed Boy (United Kingdom) – set up by former BBC and Chrysalis Entertainment executive Gary Reich in 2002.
  • Good Catch (United Kingdom)


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