Ena Exypno Exypno Moutro

Ena Exypno Exypno Moutro (Greek: Ένα Έξυπνο Έξυπνο Μούτρο), also known as O Achtypitos (Greek: Ο Αχτύπητος) is a 1965 Greek black and white comedy film made by Finos Films and based on a theatrical play by Tsiforos O Tilemahos Triposse (Ο Τηλέμαχος Τρύπωσε). It was directed by Andreas Andreakis, written by Giannis Dalianidis and Nikos Tsiforos.

Ena Exypno Exypno Moutro
Ένα Έξυπνο Έξυπνο Μούτρο
Directed byAndreas Andreakaki
Written byGiannis Dalianidis
Nikos Tsiforos
StarringVassilis Avlonitis
Kostas Voutsas
Nikos Rizos
Nini Janet
Elsa Rizou
Alekos Tzanetakos
Nana Skiada
Eleni Kriti
Distributed byFinos Films
Release date
February 18, 1965

The movie premiered on February 18, 1965 and made about 300,000 tickets in its first run.


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