Employees' Social Security Act 1969

The Employees' Social Security Act 1969 (Malay: Akta Keselamatan Sosial Pekerja 1969), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to provide social security in certain contingencies and to make provision for certain other matters in relation to it. The law is enforced by the Social Security Organization or PERKESO.

Employees' Social Security Act 1969
Parliament of Malaysia
CitationAct 4
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted byDewan Rakyat
Passed12 February 1969
Enacted byDewan Negara
Passed26 February 1969
Royal assent2 April 1969
Commenced10 April 1969
EffectiveSee Appendix of this Act
Legislative history
Bill introduced in the Dewan RakyatEmployees' Social Security Bill 1969
Introduced byV. Manickavasagam, Minister of Labour
First reading10 January 1969
Second reading11 February 1969
Third reading12 February 1969
Bill introduced in the Dewan NegaraEmployees' Social Security Bill 1969
Introduced byAbdul Ghafar Baba, Minister without Portfolio
First reading24 February 1969
Second reading26 February 1969
Third reading26 February 1969
Amended by
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1979 [Act A450]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1980 [Act A499]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1984 [Act A590]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1987 [Act A675]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1992 [Act A814]
Revocation of Exemption From Payment of Stamp Duty Act 1992 [Act 478]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1992 [Act A830]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 1997 [Act A981]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 2004 [Act A1232]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment of Fifth Schedule) Order 2008 [P. U. (A) 32/2008]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 2012 [Act A1445]
Employees’ Social Security (Amendment) Act 2016 [Act A1508]
Employee, social security
Status: In force


The Employees' Social Security Act 1969, in its current form (26 May 2016), consists of 7 Parts containing 112 sections and 10 schedules (including 12 amendments).

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Insurability and Contributions
  • Part III: Benefits
  • Part IV: Administration, Finance and Audit
  • Part V: Adjudication of Dispute and Claims
  • Part VI: Penalties
  • Part VII: Miscellaneous
  • Schedules
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