Emperor Maciste

Emperor Maciste (Italian: Maciste imperatore) is a 1924 Italian silent adventure film directed by Guido Brignone and starring Bartolomeo Pagano, Domenico Gambino and Franz Sala. It was part of the peplum series of silent films featuring the strongman Maciste. The character of Maciste increasingly came to resemble Benito Mussolini, in this case striking Fascistic poses and defending order against criminal and dishonest elements.[1]

Emperor Maciste
Directed byGuido Brignone
Written byPier Angelo Mazzolotti
StarringBartolomeo Pagano
Domenico Gambino
Franz Sala
CinematographyMassimo Terzano
Fert Film
Distributed bySocieta Anonima Stefano Pittaluga
Release date
November 1924
Running time
70 minutes
Italian intertitles



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