Emerge Desktop

Emerge Desktop is a replacement shell for Windows XP (both Home and Professional editions), Windows Vista and Windows 7 written in C++, primarily developed with the MinGW compiler, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

Emerge Desktop
Stable release
6.1.3[1] / September 24, 2012 (2012-09-24)
Preview release[2] / January 6, 2013 (2013-01-06)
Operating systemWindows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (experimental)
TypeOperating system shell
LicenseGNU General Public License Version 3


Most of the Emerge Desktop applets are capable of being run as both standalone as well as being integrated, however the core applet (emergeCore) must be running in order for each applet to communicate with another in the suite. Each applet is aimed at replacing or extending a functionality of the default Windows shell and offers various configuration and visual customization features.

Core Applets


emergeTasks is the 'Tasks' applet for Emerge Desktop. It displays an icon for each running task in a movable, resizable window.


emergeTray is the 'system tray' applet of Emerge Desktop. It displays the system icons in a movable, resizable window.


emergeWorkspace is the desktop component of Emerge Desktop. It provides the mouse RightClick and MiddleClick menus.

Additional Applets

emergeDesktop has several additional applets that can be used. These are all standalone applets and can be run independently of the three core applets above. They can also be run on top of Windows Explorer or any other Windows Shell Replacement.


emergeCommand is a clock / command line launcher applet for Emerge Desktop. By default it displays the date and time in a configurable format.

When the left mouse button is clicked on the text, it allows for the typing in of a command to execute.


emergeHotkeys is the hotkey applet of Emerge Desktop. It defines a set of hotkeys which allow quick access to Emerge Desktop functions and other applications.


emergeLauncher provides a "Quick Launch" applet for Emerge Desktop. It displays icons of applications in a movable, resizable window.


emergePower reports the status of battery power for laptops computers, in a movable and resizable window.


emergeSysMon reports the CPU usage, the Commit Charge, The Physical Memory Usage, and the Pagefile Usage in a movable, resizable window.


emergeVWM is Emerge Desktop's "Virtual Window Manager" applet. It allows the user to switch monitor views between different virtual "desktops", and displays a grid of corresponding mini-windows in a movable and resizable window.


Version 5 added native 64-bit support, theming, dynamic positioning and support for 'Run As'. Also, several new applets were added, such as emergeSysMon, a system resource monitor; emergePower, a battery charge monitor; reg2xml, settings converter to new XML format. The shell is capable to run as self-contained now. There are also numerous bug fixes.

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