Elle Mills

Elle Mills (born July 17, 1998),[2] also known by her YouTube username ElleOfTheMills, is a Canadian YouTube vlogger. She won the "Breakout YouTuber" category at the 10th Shorty Awards in 2018.[3] Her videos have been compared to the films of John Hughes.[4][5]

Elle Mills
Elle Mills in August 2018
Personal information
BornElle Janet Mills[1]
(1998-07-17) July 17, 1998
Mitch Azevedo
(m. 2017; ann. 2018)
YouTube information
GenreComedy, vlog
Subscribers1.82 mil
(October 08, 2019)
Total views156 mil
(October 08, 2019)
100,000 subscribers 2017
1,000,000 subscribers 2018

YouTube career

Mills was born in the Philippines and raised in the Ottawa, Ontario area.[6] She began making home videos when she was eight years old.[7] In high school, she was inspired to become a YouTuber by watching the YouTube videos of Grace Helbig and Casey Neistat.[8] At the beginning of 2017, she had about 15,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her channel gained subscribers very quickly after her coming-of-age videos went viral later that year. In particular, her November 2017 coming out video, in which she came out as bisexual, pushed her over the million-subscriber mark.[4][7] She signed with Fullscreen in June 2017,[9] and they produced her first ever tour in the spring of 2018.[6] By the end of 2017, her channel had over 915,000 subscribers,[3] and she surpassed 1 million subscribers in February 2018.[10] That May, she suffered a mental breakdown and posted a video announcing that she would take a break from making new videos. She returned to YouTube a month later.[11][12] She signed with United Talent Agency in December 2018.[7]


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