Elizabeth Mure

Elizabeth Mure (died before May 1355) was mistress and then wife of Robert, High Steward of Scotland, and Guardian of Scotland (1338–1341 and from October 1346), who later became King Robert II of Scotland.

Elizabeth Mure
BornRowallan Castle
Diedbefore May 1355
Spouse(s)Robert II of Scotland
FatherSir Adam Mure of Rowallan
MotherJanet Mure of Pokellie

Elizabeth Mure was said to be born at Rowallan Castle. Her parents were Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan, Ayrshire and Janet Mure of Pokellie.

She initially became the Steward's mistress. He married her in 1336 but the marriage was criticised as uncanonical, so he remarried her in 1349 following a papal dispensation dated at Avignon 22 November 1347.

She died before her husband inherited the crown at the age of 55 in 1371, and he later remarried (Papal Dispensation dated 2 May 1355).

On 27 March 1371, "The Lord John (who later took the title of King Robert III, changing his name because of what he saw as John de Baliol's unpatriotic desecration of the name John), Earl of Carrick and Steward of Scotland, first-born son of King Robert II" was declared heir to the Crown by Parliament in Scone Abbey.

They had at least ten children, with some accounts saying as many as thirteen. Doubts about the validity of her marriage led to family disputes over her children's right to the crown.



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