Elite Football Women

Elite Football Women (EFD, Swedish: Elitfotboll Dam), is a Swedish interest organisation that represents the 26 elite football clubs in the top two divisions (Damallsvenskan and Elitettan) of the Swedish women's football league system. It was founded in Stockholm on 28 October 1978.[1]

Elite Football Women
Elitfotboll Dam
Formation28 October 1978
TypeSports organisation
HeadquartersSolna, Stockholm
Region served
26 football clubs
Secretary General
Helena Nilsson, interim
Annika Grälls


EFD does not administer the divisions, but instead acts in cooperation with the Swedish Football Association, the member clubs, sponsors and partners. The goal is to develop Swedish women's elite football resultwise, economically, commercially and administratively.[2]

EFD holds all commercial and medial rights for licensing.[3] Since 2015 EFD have arranged recordings and broadcasts of all Damallsvenskan matches,[3][4][5] which can be viewed worldwide at Damallsvenskan.tv for a fee.


1999–2001Ann-Louise Ebberstein
2001–2006Ulf Bergquist
2006–2011Sara Jöngren
2011–July 2019Linda Wijkström
July 2019–Tomas Hoszek[6]


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