Elise Wood

Elise Wood is a jazz flautist.


Wood studied classical flute in Philadelphia.[1] In the 1970s she moved from there to New York.[1] There, she played in jazz groups, including with bassist Vishna Wood.[1] They married, but were leading separate lives by the early 1980s.[1]

From 1983, Wood was frequently a member of groups led by pianist John Hicks.[2] As a duo, they played mostly jazz, but also some classical music.[3] They formed a business partnership – John Hicks-Elise Wood, Inc. – and toured the US, Europe and Japan in the 1980s.[1] The couple married in 2001.[2] Her first album as (co-)leader was Luminous,[1] on which she played C and alto flute.[4] A further album co-led with Hicks was Beautiful Friendship, recorded in 2000.[5]


As leader/co-leader

As sidewoman

With John Hicks


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