Electoral Commission of Queensland

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) is established under the Electoral Act 1992 as an independent statutory authority, responsible for the impartial conduct of state and local government elections in Queensland.

Electoral Commission of Queensland
Statutory authority overview
JurisdictionThe State of Queensland
Statutory authority executives
  • Patrick Vidgen, Acting Electoral Commissioner
  • Dermot Tiernan, Assistant Electoral Commissioner
Parent departmentDepartment of Justice and Attorney-General
Key document
  • Electoral Act 1992


The Commission has three main functions. It must administer Queensland's electoral laws, conduct democratic parliamentary and industrial elections which are free and review local government boundaries.[1] It is also responsible for referendums, electoral redistributions, education and research into matters related to Queensland elections, providing information to all levels of government, ensuring the electoral roll is maintained and the registering of political parties.[2]

Electronic voting

In 2010, the Commission announced it was conducting research into assisting the deaf and blind to cast a secret vote electronically.[3] However, due to legislative restrictions, electronic voting was not available for the 2012 state election.[4]

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