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The Parliament of Jamaica has two chambers:

Jamaica effectively has a two-party system: there are two dominant political parties, and it is difficult for other parties to achieve electoral success.

Though the years are fixed due to the five-year term of the prime minister, the date of the election is traditionally announced by the ruling party a few months in advance. Recently, there has been debate over whether this "flexible date" system is the best for Jamaica, or whether the government should switch to a fixed date system.[1]

Latest elections

 Summary of the 29 December 2011 Jamaican House of Representatives election results
Parties Votes % +/– Seats +/–
People's National Party 464.064 52.96 +3.7 42 +14
Jamaica Labour Party 405,920 46.32 –3.7 21 –11
Marcus Garvey People's Progressive Party 420 0.05 0 ±0
National Democratic Movement 263 0.03 0 ±0
Independents 228 0.03 0 ±0
Jamaica Alliance Movement 57 0.01 0 ±0
Invalid/blank votes
Total (turnout 53.17%) 876,310 100   63 +3
Source: Electoral Commission of Jamaica

Past elections and referendums

Election reform

In 2008, Prime Minister Bruce Golding acknowledged at a Conference for the Association for Caribbean Electoral Organizations that there were a number of areas of concern in his country's election process including political financing for campaigns, the accountability of the electoral process and the impact positive or negative of the media on elections.[2] The Prime Minister said that the government is looking at a number of activities that could help this process of reform.[2] These things were acknowledged in front of the CEO of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States and the Electoral Office of Jamaica.[2]

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