Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror is a tabletop strategy board game published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2013.[1][2][3] The players explore locales around the world filled with Cthulhu Mythos horrors.

Eldritch Horror
Gamers playing Eldritch Horror board game, Poland 2017
Publisher(s)Fantasy Flight Games
Genre(s)Board game, Cthulhu Mythos, survival horror
Players1 to 8
Random chanceMedium
Skill(s) requiredProblem solving, cooperative gaming


Players cooperatively fight an ancient evil stirring from its slumber and must seal off this awakening horror before it's too late. Players travel around the globe battling monsters, solving mysteries, and equipping up, all to banish the Ancient One threatening to destroy the world.

The game is separated into three sections: the action phase (where each player takes actions for their character), the encounter phase (where players draw encounter cards and experience the world around them) and the mythos phase (where the Ancient One gets an opportunity to act out their nefarious deeds).


  • Forsaken Lore (30 April 2014)
  • Mountains of Madness (18 December 2014)
  • Strange Remnants (20 July 2015)
  • Under the Pyramids (10 December 2015)
  • Signs of Carcosa (6 June 2016)
  • The Dreamlands (5 January 2017)
  • Cities in Ruin (6 July 2017)
  • Masks of Nyarlathotep (22 February 2018)


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