eldiario.es is an online newspaper based in Spain. It was founded in 2012 and is published only in Spanish; it has been available since 18 September 2012.[1] eldiario.es is managed by Ignacio Escolar, a journalist who was the founder and former director of Público. eldiario.es includes amongst its staff the former journalists of Público upon cessation of its print edition. It is edited by the company Diario de Prensa Digital S.L.[2] eldiario.es confirms that in 2016, it had revenues of 3,680,172 euro and 3,184,280 in expenses, with a profit of 340,030 euro.[3] eldiario.es published every three months a magazine monograph, called Cuadernos.

Editorial staff of eldiario.es (2019)
TypeDaily newspaper, online newspaper
Owner(s)Diario de Prensa Digital S.L.
EditorIgnacio Escolar
Political alignmentProgressivism

The publication is aimed at a target market of the academic left. The political agenda has been described as "progressive".[4]


eldiario.es publishes its contents under a CC-BY-SA license. It contains two exceptions: first, the license does not apply to the content (text, graphics, information, images, and so forth) published by eldiario.es from third parties when assigned or attributed to news agencies (EFE, Europa Press, for instance) or any other company separate from Diario de Prensa Digital, SL. All rights to these contents are strictly reserved to the owner (the agency) and therefore may not be reproduced, distributed, processed or publicly communicated without the express consent of the owner. Moreover, the drawings of the cartoonists are Creative Commons property and are not be reproduced for commercial purposes (CC-BY-NC).[5]

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