El Comercio (Spain)

El Comercio is a daily newspaper in Spain. Published in Gijón, it is the second-largest newspaper by circulation in Asturias, with a daily circulation of 24,000.[1]

El Comercio
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Grupo Vocento
EditorMarcelino Gutiérrez
Founded2 September 1878 (1878-09-02)
HeadquartersGijón, Asturias

History and profile

El Comercio was first published on 2 September 1878.[2] Since 1995 the paper has been part of Grupo Vocento. In 1996 it acquired La Voz de Avilés, and it continues that name for its Avilés edition.

In 2006 El Comercio had a circulation of 27,843 copies.[3]

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