Eileen Dennes

Eileen Dennes (1 February 1898 – 22 January 1991) was an Irish-born actress of the silent era.[1]

Eileen Dennes
Born1 February 1, 1898
Died22 January 1991 (aged 92)

Early life

Eileen Dennes, born Eileen Amhurst Cowen was an Irish silent film actress who was born in 1898 in Dublin, Ireland. She began on the stage in the early 1910s. She travelled to America in 1917. She found work at the Empire Al Star Film Co. and was offered the role of Ethel Fielding in her first film ‘The Unforseen’. She made more than one film in Hollywood that year with Olive Tell. She then decided to find work in England, it was there that Cecile Hepworth offered her a contract and she made her first English film as Rhoda Meredith in ’Sheba’ starring Alma Taylor in 1919. After this Dennes was given the chance at starring roles in films such as ’Once Abroad the Lugger’ in 1920, ‘Mr. Justice Raffles’ in 1921 and ‘The Pipes of Pan’ in 1923 9again with Alma Taylor. Dennes’ last film appearance was as Lucy in ‘The Squire of Long Hadley’ with Brian Ahearn for the Stoll Film Co. in 1925.


While Irish male actors made such a big impression on the silent-film industry in Hollywood, a couple of Irish women stand out. A Dublin actress, Eileen Dennes, born in 1898, had a much shorter career. Eileen arrived in Hollywood in 1917 and found work at the Empire All-Star Film Co and was offered the role as Ethel Fielding in her debut film 'The Unforseen' with Olive Tell she made one more film in Hollywood that same year and decided to find film work in England, Cecil Hepworth offered her a contract and she made her first British film as Rhoda Meredith in 'Sheba' starring Alma Taylor and Gerald Ames in 1919 afterwards Hepworth gave her the chance in starring roles, such as in 'Once Aboard the Lugger' in 1920, 'Mr. Justice Raffles' in 1921 and 'The Pipes of Pan' again with Alma Taylor in 1923. The final film that she worked on with Cecil Hepworth was "Comin Thro The Rye", in 1923. After this film she never worked with Hepworth again and the next director that she worked with was Fred LeRoy Granville on his film "The Sins Ye Do", in 1924. Eileen last film appearance was as Lucy in 'The Squire of Long Hadley' with Brian Aherne for the Stoll Film Co in 1925. Between 1919 and 1925, she appeared in a dozen silent films, then her movie career petered out. In retrospect, it's amazing how many Irish actors contributed to the silent-movie era in Hollywood, which flourished for a mere 15 years.

Selected filmography

The Unforseen (1917) - Ethel Fielding

Her Sister (1917) - Jane Alderson

Sheba (1917) - Bessie Saxton

The Forest on the Hill (1919) - Audrey Leaman

Alf's Button (1919) - Lady Isobel Fitzpeter

Once Aboard the Lugger (1920) - Mary Humfray

John Forrest Finds Himself (1920) - The Pet

Mrs. Erricker's Reputation (1920) - Lady Lettice Erricker

Great Snakes (1920) - Bella Parkinson

The Tinted Venus (1920) - Bella Parkinson

Wild Heather (1921) - Dolly

Tansy (1921) - Vicar's Daughter

Mr. Justice Raffles (1921) - Camilla Belsize

Tit for Tat (1921) - Clove

The Pipes of Pan (1921) - Enid Markham

Strangling Threads (1923) - Miss Debb

Comin' Thro the Rye (1923)- Sylvia Fleming

The Sins Ye Do (1923)- Lady Eslin

Peeps Into Puzzleland (Short) - 1924 - Mother

A Dear Liar (Short) - 1924

The Squire of Long Hadley (1925) - Lucy


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