Ehresmann's lemma

In mathematics, or specifically, in differential topology, Ehresmann's lemma or Ehresmann's fibration theorem states that a smooth mapping where and are smooth manifolds such that is

  1. a surjective submersion, and
  2. a proper map, (in particular, this condition is always satisfied if M is compact),

is a locally trivial fibration. This is a foundational result in differential topology, and exists in many further variants. It is due to Charles Ehresmann.


  • Ehresmann, Charles (1951), "Les connexions infinitésimales dans un espace fibré différentiable", Colloque de topologie (espaces fibrés), Bruxelles, 1950, Georges Thone, Liège; Masson et Cie., Paris, pp. 29–55, MR 0042768
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