Egilshöll is a multi-purpose sports facility in Reykjavík, Iceland. It features three football pitches, an ice rink, an arena, shooting range and tennis courts. On the second floor it also has a cinema.

LocationReykjavík, Iceland
Coordinates64°08′49″N 21°46′10″W
Capacity2,000 (football)
250 (ice skating)
Skautafélagið Björninn (ice skating)
Skotfélag Reykjavíkur (shooting sport)


Egilshöllin has also been used as a music venue hosting numerous events of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra amongst others.

Performer Date Attendance Ref
Metallica 4 July 2004 18,000 [1][2]
Plácido Domingo 14 March 2005 5,000 [3][4]
Iron Maiden 7 June 2005 10,000 [5][6]
Duran Duran 30 June 2005 11,000 [7][8]
Foo Fighters 5 July 2006 n/a [9][10]
Queens of The Stone Age 5 July 2006 n/a [11]
Roger Waters 12 June 2006 15,000 [12][13]


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