Edward Lombe (1828)

Edward Lombe was a merchantman and passenger three-masted barquentine with a burthen of 347 tons built in 1828 by Thomas Brodrick, of Whitby, England.[1]

Name: Edward Lombe
Owner: Robert Freeman (1833-1834)
Port of registry: London 84/1828, 59/1832, 67/1834.
Builder: Thomas Brodrick, Whitby
Launched: 1828
Fate: Wrecked on 25 August 1834
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 347 (bm)
Length: 106 ft (32.3 m)
Beam: 27 ft 8 in (8.43 m)
Draught: 19 ft 2 in (5.8 m)
Sail plan: barquentine


On 24 August 1830, she arrived at Fremantle, from London, carrying cargo and 22 passengers.[2] She was sheathed in copper in 1832. Under the command of Whiteman Freeman, she left London with convicts and cargo on 25 June 1832, arriving at Port Jackson, Australia, via Hobart, on 6 January 1833. She left Port Jackson on 15 April 1833 and returned to London, with a cargo of wool and passengers.[3]

Under the command of Stuart Stroyan,[4] she left London and arrived at Hobart on 31 July 1834, departing on 17 August 1834.


While entering Port Jackson on 25 August 1834, she was blown onto Middle Head during a gale and was wrecked. Twelve lives were lost.[5]


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