Edward, Count of Savoy

Edward (12841329), surnamed the Liberal, was the Count of Savoy from 1323 to 1329. He was the son of Amadeus V, Count of Savoy, and his first wife Sybille of Bâgé.

PredecessorAmadeus V
Noble familyHouse of Savoy
Spouse(s)Blance of Burgundy
FatherAmadeus V, Count of Savoy
MotherSybille of Bâgé

Edward was born at Baugé. He was married to Blanche (Bianca) of Burgundy, daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy and Agnes of France, Duchess of Burgundy.[1] They had a daughter, Joan, who married John III the Good, duke of Brittany.

In 1325, Edward was attacked at Varey by Guigues VIII of Viennois and Amadeus III of Geneva as he was besieging Varey castle. Guigues won the battle and Edward barely escaped.[2]

In 1327, the residents of Maurienne revolted against their bishop-prince. The bishop asked Edward for help, and Edward agreed, provided that he gain the administrative control of the diocese. The bishop consented, and was restored.[3] That same year, the bishop of Sion refused to pay him homage, which had been the custom since the time of Peter II, Count of Savoy. From then on, the bishop and the count paid each other homage on the bridge of Morge.[4]

In 1328, he had wooden aqueducts built to bring fresh water directly into the courtyard of the castle at Chambéry.[5] His death in 1329 was unexpected, and left the county to his brother, Aymon.[6]


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Edward, Count of Savoy
Born: 1284 Died: 1329
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Amadeus V
Count of Savoy
Succeeded by

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