Edvard Stjernström

Carl Edvard Stjernström (11 October 1816-10 February 1877) was a Swedish stage actor and theater director. [1]


In 1833, he was accepted as a student at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. From 1842-1850, he was employed at Nya Teatern. He was the director of the Stjernström theater Company in 1850-54, director of the Mindre Teatern in Stockholm in 1854-63, and the founder and manager of the Nya Teatern in 1875-77. He played a significant role in 19th-century theatre in both Sweden, where his theater company was regarded to be one of the most prestigious, as well as in Finland, where his theater company was given theatre monopoly to perform in 1850-53.

In 1846, he was married to the actress Sophia Wilhelmina Lamby (1804-1851), in 1854 to the playwright Jeanette Granberg (1825-1857) and in 1861 with her sister Louise Granberg (1812-1907 . [2]


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