Edinburgh International

The Edinburgh International is an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament, that takes place in late November at the Murrayfield Curling Club in Edinburgh, Scotland. The tournament is held in a round robin format.


The tournament was started in 1922 as the Worlds Curling Championship, an open competition between Scottish curlers held at the Haymarket Ice Rink. The tournament was renamed the Edinburgh International Curling Championship in 1975 in order for the International Curling Federation to reserve the name "World Curling Championship" for the Air Canada Silver Broom, the men's world curling championship at the time. It became an invitational tournament, inviting the semifinalists of the same year's World Championships, and moved venues to the Murrayfield Curling Rink. A period of decreased interest in the tournament led to the event's relegation from a highly respected international tournament to a domestic circuit tournament. In 2007, the tournament became part of the World Curling Tour and the Curling Champions Tour, the European portion of the World Curling Tour, and was slotted to be held in late November.[1] The event was dropped from the tour after 2016, and currently only consists of a senior men's and senior women's tournament.[2]

Past champions

Only skip's name is displayed before 1953. Team line-up order: skip, third, second, lead.[3]

Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (GBP)
Worlds Curling Championship
1922W K Jackson
1923W C Johnstone
1924 Robin Welsh
1925H McCall
1926W K Jackson
1927 Thomas Murray
1928E Cowper
1929W K Jackson
1930E Cowper
1931L Jackson
1932W K Jackson
1933J Hay
1934W K Jackson
1935A W Keanie
1936H Wakelin
1937H Wakelin
1938M Mather
Not held 1939–1946
1947J Robertson
1948W Scobie
1949J Walker
1950 Willie Young
1951J McWhirter
1952 Willie Young
1953 Willie Young, John B. Pearson, J Scott, Robert Young
1954 James Sanderson, J Cooper, A Allison, R Moffat
1955J Hamilton, W Archibald, G Baxter, J Leadbetter
1956J Neilson, J Lamb, W Sommerville, W Macgregor
1957 Willie Young, John B. Pearson, J Scott, Robert Young
1958R T Grierson, J Agnew, J McColm, S McColm
1959 William Henderson, L Tod, H Hay, N Tod
1960 Willie Young, John B. Pearson, Robert Young, J Young
1961R B Dick, R B Dick Jnr,T L Morrison,A D Blair
1962J Sellar,A M Sellar,J Young Jnr,A G Harvey
1963J Neilson, J Lamb, W Sommerville, J Gilchrist
1964J Aitken, W Sanderson, W Carsewell, A Graham
1965 Alex F. Torrance, Alex A. Torrance, Robert Kirkland, James Waddell
1966G McLaughlin, J Klein, R Taylor, D McLeod
1967 Alex F. Torrance, Alex A. Torrance, Robert Kirkland, James Waddell
1968 Alex F. Torrance, Alex A. Torrance, Robert Kirkland, James Waddell
1969 William Muirhead, George Haggart, Derek Scott, Alex Young
1970 Willie Young, H Colville, W Kerr, J Young
1971J Hutchinson, E Johnston, M Brown, J Prentice
1972James C. Sanderson, Willie Sanderson, Iain Baxter, Colin Baxter
1973James C. Sanderson, Willie Sanderson, Iain Baxter, Colin Baxter
1974J Whiteford, R Whiteford, P Aitken, D Adam
Edinburgh International Curling Championships
1975J C Bryson, J Caldwell, G Connell, J Brown
1976 William Muirhead, Derek Scott, Len Dudman, Roy Sinclair
1977 Peter Attinger, Bernhard Attinger, Mattias Neuenschwander, Ruedi Attinger
1978Ken J. Horton, Willie Jamieson, Keith Douglas, S Cullen
1979 Willie Jamieson, R W Kelly, Keith Douglas, S Cullen
1980 Colin Hamilton, W M Dick, David Ramsay, L Pretsel
1981Graeme P Adam, Ken J. Horton,Robert A Cowan, Robin G Copland
1982Graeme P Adam, Ken J. Horton, Andrew McQuistin, Robert A Cowan
1983 Colin Hamilton, James C. Sanderson, W M Dick, S Cobb
1984Graeme P Adam, Ken J. Horton, Grant McPherson, Robert Wilson
1985 Gordon Muirhead, R W Kelly, K Graham, R G Copland
1986Peter Wilson, Norman R Brown, Hugh Aitken, Roger McIntyre
1987Grant McPherson, R Gray, David Howie, Robert Wilson
1988 Eigil Ramsfjell, Sjur Loen, Dagfinn Loen, Morten Skaug
1989Grant McPherson, Gordon Muirhead, R W Kelly, Robert Wilson
1990K Prentice, J Muir, R Aitken, B Stewart
1991 Colin Hamilton, R W Kelly, V Moran, T Dodds
1992 Colin Hamilton, Ms V Gumley, T Dodds, Ms E Butler
1993 Mike Hay, Ms K Hay, Grant McPherson, Ms S Harvey
1994D Howden, T Manuel, W Clark, L Summers
1995 Warwick Smith, David Smith, Peter Smith, David Hay
1996 Eigil Ramsfjell, Jan Thoresen, Anthon Grimsmo, Tore Torvbråten
1997 Moray Combe, A Hannah, R Dickson, S Stewart
1998 Warwick Smith, Hammy C McMillan, Ewan MacDonald, Ross Hepburn
1999 Ulrik Schmidt, Lasse Lavrsen, B Hansen, C Svengaard
2000 David Murdoch, N Murdoch, G McKay, S Reid
2001 Colin Hamilton, Brian Binnie, David Ramsay, G Craik
2002 Warwick Smith, Ewan MacDonald, A Smith, Peter Loudon
2003 David Murdoch, Craig Wilson, Neil Murdoch, Euan Byers
2004 Colin Hamilton, G Patrick, S Murphy, J Boyd
2005 David Edwards, P Westwood, Ross Paterson, S Gilmour
2006 Peter Loudon, Graeme Connal, David Hay, M Fraser
2007A Smith, N McArthur, D Reid, M Fraser
2008 Andy Kapp, Andreas Lang, Holger Höhne, Andreas Kempf Göran Carlsson12,500
2009 David Murdoch, Ewan MacDonald, Peter Smith (curler), Euan Byers Peter Loudon10,000
2010 Graham Shaw, Brian Binnie, Richard Goldie, Robin Niven Hammy McMillan10,000
2011 Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews, Michael Goodfellow Sandy Reid10,000
2012 Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews, Michael Goodfellow John Jahr10,000
2013[4] David Edwards, John Penny, Scott Macleod, Colin Campbell Ross McCleary10,000
2014[5] Aku Kauste, Pauli Jäämies, Leo Mäkelä, Janne Pitko David Šik10,000
2015 Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell, Cameron Smith Jaap van Dorp10,000
2016 Karel Kubeska, Jiri Candra, Martin Jurik, Lukáš Klíma Bruce Mouat10,300


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