Edinburgh Castle, Jamaica

Edinburgh Castle, an estate and now ruined great house in St Ann, was built by Jamaica's earliest recorded serial killer, Lewis Hutchinson.[1][2] It had two circular, loopholed towers diagonally at opposite corners.[1] The ruins are on the list of National Heritage Sites in Jamaica.

Edinburgh Castle
Plantation and Great House
Edinburgh Castle
Coordinates: 18.2466843°N 77.2020167°W / 18.2466843; -77.2020167
ParishSt Ann
Builtc. 1770
Founded byLewis Hutchinson
Named forEdinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

There is a small nearby village of the same name at 18.240591°N 77.219414°W / 18.240591; -77.219414.[3]

There is also a small settlement of this name in St Thomas at 17.9004029°N 76.5824533°W / 17.9004029; -76.5824533[4]

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