Edgewater, British Columbia

Edgewater is an unincorporated hamlet located in the Columbia Valley 93 km (58 mi) south of Golden, British Columbia on the perimeter of Kootenay National Park. Originally known and founded as a farming community before the First World War (World War I), but just after the war ended, many residents returned to England where they initially came from. As a result, the community suffered a minor decline of population. The community has since revived and recovered into a forestry, agriculture, and tourism area for the region.

Edgewater has couple of major attractions that draw to travelers including the area around the community is Christmas tree farmland as well as a Saturday Farmer's Market in the summertime where tourists that can purchase arts & crafts, fresh produce and dairy products. The community gets its name from being the edge of the waters of the Columbia River.

Edgewater is also home to the Steamboat Mountain Music Festival in July.

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