Ecclesiastical decoration

An ecclesiastical decoration is an order or a decoration conferred by a head of a church.

Catholic ecclesiastical decorations

Both are recognised as legitimate ecclesiastical decorations by the International Commission on Orders of Chivalry (2006):[1]

[T]he Commission accepts that these Ecclesiastical Decorations possess full validity as awards of merit or honours within the respective Churches which have instituted them.

Local ecclesiastical distinctions


The Order of Saint Michael (Bavaria) (active 1693-1918), could also be said to initially have had shared traits of an ecclesiastical decoration, as awarded by the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne.

Expanding Reason of the Joseph Ratzinger Foundation, established in 2017. [7]

Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical decorations

Several autocephalous churches of the Eastern Orthodox communion award ecclesiastical decorations, including:


Anglican Communion

In addition to the Lambeth degree, the Archbishop of Canterbury awards the following to recognise outstanding service in various fields.[8]

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