Ebles I of Roucy

Ebles I of Roucy (died 11 May 1033) was count of Roucy from 1000 to 1033 and archbishop of Reims from 1021 to 1033. His father has traditionally been considered to have been Giselbert, Count of Roucy and Reims. A novel theory (described in French Wikipedia) by Jean-Noël Mathieu resolves some inconsistencies by instead placing Giselbert as his matrilineal great uncle, and Eble de Poitiers as his father.

Ebles I
Count of Roucy
PredecessorGilbert of Roucy
SuccessorHilduin IV of Montdidier
FatherGilbert of Roucy (disputed)

He married Beatrix, the daughter of Reginar IV, Count of Mons and Hedwig of France (daughter of Hugh Capet).


His daughter, Alice, married Hilduin IV of Montdidier, Count of Roucy.

Alice's son was Ebles II of Roucy.

Alice's daughter, Margaret de Roucy, married Hugh, Count of Clermont. Their daughter, Adeliza, married Gilbert Fitz Richard.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Archbishop of Reims
Succeeded by
Guy of Roucy

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