East Midlands (European Parliament constituency)

East Midlands is an English constituency of the European Parliament in the United Kingdom. Established in 1999 with six members to replace single-member districts, since 2009 it has returned five MEPs, elected using the D'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.

East Midlands
European Parliament constituency
Location among the current constituencies
Shown within England
Member stateUnited Kingdom
MEPs6 (1999–2009)
5 (2009–present)


The constituency corresponds to the East Midlands region of England, comprising the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and most of Lincolnshire.


The constituency was organised as a result of the European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, replacing a number of single-member constituencies. These were Leicester, Northamptonshire and Blaby, Nottingham and Leicestershire North West, Nottinghamshire North and Chesterfield, and parts of Lincolnshire and Humberside South, Peak District, and Staffordshire East and Derby.

MEPs for former East Midlands constituencies, 1979 – 1999
Election 1979 – 1984 1984 – 1989 1989 – 1994 1994 – 1999
Derbyshire (1979–1994) Tom Spencer
Geoff Hoon
Seat abolished
Leicester Frederick Tuckman
Mel Read
Susan Waddington
Lincolnshire (1979–1994)
Lincolnshire and Humberside South (1994–1999)
Bill Newton Dunn
Veronica Hardstaff
Northamptonshire (1979–1994)
Northamptonshire and Blaby (1994–1999)
Anthony Simpson
Angela Billingham
Nottingham (1979–1994)
Nottingham and Leicestershire North West (1994–1999)
Michael Gallagher
Labour (1979–1984)
SDP (1984)
Michael Kilby
Ken Coates
Mel Read
Nottinghamshire North and Chesterfield (1994–1999) Seat not established Ken Coates
Peak District (1994–1999) Seat not established Arlene McCarthy
Staffordshire East and Derby (1994–1999) Staffordshire East in West Midlands Phillip Whitehead

Returned members

MEPs for the East Midlands, 1999 onwards
Election 1999 (5th parliament) 2004 (6th parliament) 2009 (7th parliament) 2014 (8th parliament) 2017 2018 2019 (9th parliament)
Phillip Whitehead[3]
Glenis Willmott[4]
Rory Palmer
Mel Read
Derek Clark
Margot Parker
UKIP (2014-2019)
Brexit Party (2019)
Annunziata Rees-Mogg
Brexit Party (May-December 2019)
Independent) (December 2019 to present)
Roger Helmer
Conservative (1999–2012)
UKIP (2012–2017)
Jonathan Bullock
UKIP (2017-2018)
Independent (2018)
Brexit Party (2019-)
Chris Heaton-Harris
Emma McClarkin
Matthew Patten
Brexit Party
Bill Newton Dunn
Conservative (1999–2000)
Liberal Democrat (2000–2014)
Andrew Lewer
Rupert Matthews
Bill Newton Dunn
Liberal Democrat
Nick Clegg
Liberal Democrat
Robert Kilroy-Silk
UKIP (2004)
Veritas (2004–05)
Independent (2005–09)
Seat abolished


  • 1 Roger Helmer announced on 12 October 2011 his intention to stand down from the European Parliament. After uncertainty whether his place would be taken by the next person on the Conservative Party's list for the East Midlands region, he defected to UKIP and completed his term as MEP.[5][6]
PartyFaction in European Parliament
Brexit Party 29 Non-Inscrits 57
Liberal Democrats 16 17   Renew Europe 108
Alliance 1
Green 7 11 Greens–European Free Alliance 75
Plaid Cymru 1
Labour 10   Socialists and Democrats 154
Conservative 4 European Conservatives and Reformists 62
Sinn Féin 1   European United Left–Nordic Green Left 41
Total 73 Total 750

Complaint against Kilroy-Silk

In August 2005, four of the MEPs for the region (Clark, Heaton-Harris, Helmer and Whitehead) sent a joint letter to President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell to complain of Kilroy-Silk:

"He seems to have done little or no work as a constituency MEP for the East Midlands. This leaves five MEPs to do the work of six and the electorate have been short-changed". They complained that Kilroy-Silk was not "fulfilling the pledge he made on becoming an MEP, to serve the electorate of his region" and to call for him to "either do the job for which he is paid, or get out and leave it to those who can."[8]

The parliament has no power to remove Mr Kilroy-Silk, who is understood to have attended the minimum number of plenary sessions required to be eligible for his parliamentary allowances. Such a complaint was unprecedented. Kilroy-Silk refused to comment on it. The European Parliament does not have any power to expel a member, and Borrell took no action.

Election results

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Elected candidates are shown in bold. Brackets indicate the number of votes per seat won.


European Election 2019: East Midlands[9][10][11]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Brexit Party Annunziata Rees-Mogg (1)
Jonathan Bullock (2)
Matthew Patten (5)
Tracy Knowles, Anna Bailey
38.23 +38.23
Liberal Democrats William Newton Dunn (3)
Michael Mullaney, Lucy Care, Suzanna Austin, Caroline Kenyon
203,989 17.24 +11.82
Labour Rory Palmer (4)
Leonie Mathers, Tony Tinley, Nicole Ndiweni, Gary Godden
164,682 13.92 -11.01
Conservative Emma McClarkin, Rupert Matthews, Tony Harper, Brendan Clarke-Smith, Thomas Randall 126,138 10.66 -15.33
Green Kat Boettge, Gerhard Lohmann-Bond, Liam McClelland, Daniel Wimberley, Simon Tooke 124,630 10.53 +4.55
UKIP Alan Graves, Marietta King, Anil Bhatti, Fran Loi, John Evans 58,198 4.92 -27.98
Change UK Kate Godfrey, Joan Laplana, Narinder Sharma, Pankajkumar Gulab, Emma Manley 41,117 3.47 +3.47
Independent Network Nick Byatt, Marianne Overton, Daniel Simpson, Pearl Clarke, Nikki Dillon 7,641 0.65 +0.65
Independent Simon Rood 4,511 0.38 +0.38
Turnout 1,183,227 34.9 +1.7


European Election 2014: East Midlands
List Candidates Votes % ±
UKIP Roger Helmer, Margot Parker,
Jonathan Bullock, Nigel Wickens, Barry Mahoney[12][13]
32.90 +16.45
Conservative Emma McClarkin, Andrew Lewer,
Rupert Matthews, Stephen Castens, Brendan Clarke-Smith[13][14]
25.99 −4.16
Labour Glenis Willmott,
Rory Palmer, Linda Woodings, Khalid Hadadi, Nick Brooks[13][15]
279,363 24.93 +8.08
Green Katharina Boettge, Sue Mallender, Richard Mallender, Peter Allen, Simon Hales[13][16] 67,066 5.98 −0.85
Liberal Democrats Bill Newton Dunn, Issan Ghazni, Phil Knowles, George Smid, Deborah Newton-Cook[13][17] 60,772 5.42 −6.91
An Independence from Europe Chris Pain, Val Pain, Alan Jesson, John Beaver, Carl Mason[13][15] 21,384 1.91 N/A
BNP Catherine Duffy, Robert West, Bob Brindley, Geoffrey Dickens, Paul Hilliard[13][15] 18,326 1.64 −7.02
English Democrat Kevin Sills, David Wickham, John Dowie, Oliver Healey, Terry Spencer[13][15] 11,612 1.04 −1.28
Harmony Party Steve Ward[13][15] 2,194 0.2 N/A
Turnout 1,120,722 33.2 −3.9


European Election 2009: East Midlands[18]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Roger Helmer, Emma McClarkin
Rupert Matthews, Fiona Bulmer, George Lee[19]
30.2 +3.8
Labour Glenis Willmott
Roy Kennedy, Kathryn Salt, J David Morgan, Cate Taylor[20]
206,945 16.9 −4.1
UKIP Derek Clark
Christopher Pain, Stephen Allison, Deva Kumarasiri, Irena Marriott[21]
201,184 16.4 −9.6
Liberal Democrats Bill Newton Dunn
Ed Maxfield, Veena Hudson, Denise Hawksworth, Deborah Newton-Cook[22]
151,428 12.3 −0.6
BNP Robert West, Cathy Duffy, Peter Jarvis, Lewis Alsebrook, Kevin Stafford[23] 106,319 8.7 +2.1
Green Sue Blount, Richard Mallender, Ashley Baxter, Matthew Follett, Barney Smith[24] 83,939 6.8 +1.4
English Democrat Derek Hilling, Tony Ellis, Diane Bilgrami, David Ball, Anthony Edwards[25] 28,498 2.3 N/A
UK First Ian Gillman, Christopher Elliot, Nadine Platt, David Noakes, Mariann Finch 20,561 1.7 N/A
Christian Suzanne Nti, Thomas Rogers, Timothy Webb, Colin Bricher, Doreen Schrimshaw[26] 17,907 1.5 N/A
Socialist Labour David Roberts, Paul Liversuch, Shaun Kirkpatrick, Michael Clifford, Thea Roberts 13,590 1.1 N/A
NO2EU John McEwan, Avtar Sadiq, Jean Thorpe, Shangara Singh Gahonia, Laurence Platt 11,375 0.9 N/A
Libertas Richard Elvin, Margot Parker, Peter Chaplin[27] 7,882 0.6 N/A
Jury Team James Lowey, Simon Flude, James Parker, Henry Blanchard, Perry Wilsher 7,362 0.6 N/A
Turnout 1,228,065 37.1 −6.3


European Election 2004: East Midlands[28]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Roger Helmer, Chris Heaton-Harris
Pauline Latham, Sharon Buckle, Jonathan Bullock, Sarah Richardson
26.4 −13.1
UKIP Robert Kilroy-Silk, Derek Clark
Ian Gillman, Peter Baker, John Browne, Barry Mahoney
26.1 +18.5
Labour Phillip Whitehead
Glenis Willmott, Ross Willmott, Vandna Kalia, Alan Rhodes, Elizabeth Donnelly
294,918 21.0 −7.6
Liberal Democrats Bill Newton Dunn
Alan Riley, Veena Hudson, Richard Church, Deborah Newton-Cook, Lisa Gabriel
181,964 12.9 +0.2
BNP Peter Francis, Clive Potter, Patrick May, John Pennington, Wendy Russell, John Hall[29] 91,860 6.5 +5.2
Green Brian Fewster, Susan Blount, Robert Ball, Simon Anthony, Paul Bodenham, John Chadwick 76,633 5.5 +0.1
Respect Mohammed Suleman, Sulma Mansuri, Pauline Robinson, Helen Merryman, Craig Plowman, Mary Littlefield 20,009 1.4 N/A
Independent Russell Rogers 2,615 0.2 N/A
Independent Shadmyraine Halliday 847 0.1 N/A
Turnout 1,406,706 43.4 +20.6


European Election 1999: East Midlands[30]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Roger Helmer, Bill Newton Dunn, Chris Heaton-Harris
Javed Arain, Sharon Buckle, Pauline Latham
39.5 N/A
Labour Mel Read, Phillip Whitehead
Angela Billingham, Susan Waddington, Valerie Vaz, Veronica Hardstaff, John Mann
28.6 N/A
Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg
Susan Barber, Ash Vadher, Lisa Gabriel, Brian Niblett, Lesley Dunbar
92,398 12.7 N/A
UKIP Hugh Meechan, Edward Spalton, Derek Clark, David Barraclough, Barry Mahoney, Dusan Torbica 54,800 7.6 N/A
Green Gaynor Backhouse, Geoffrey Forse, Brian Fewster, Sue Blount, Ashley Baxter, Jill Bullock 38,954 5.4 N/A
Leeds Left Alliance Ken Coates, Tony Simpson, Jill Dawn, Peter Jackson, Peter McGowan, Robert West 17,409 2.4 N/A
Pro-Euro Conservative Freddie de Lisle, John Szermerey, Julien Goodman, Katheryn Stokes, Greg Chadwick, Clive Stoddart 11,359 1.6 N/A
BNP Steven Belshaw,[31] Adrian Belshaw, Barry Roberts, Neil Phillips, Edward Sheppard, Michael Coleman 9,342 1.3 N/A
Socialist Labour David Roberts, Paul Liversuch, Valerie Seabright, Thea Hutt, Stanley Taylor, Stephen Marvin 5,528 0.8 N/A
Natural Law Russell France, Susan Lincoln, Patricia Saunders, David Cooke, Andrew Doughty, Neil Allison 1,525 0.2 N/A
Turnout 723,733 22.8 N/A


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