East Gwent League

The East Gwent Association Football League (currently billed as The Monmouthshire Windows East Gwent Association Football League for sponsorship reasons) is a football league covering the eastern part of the preserved country of Gwent. It is affiliated to the Gwent County Football Association. The leagues are at the eighth and ninth levels of the Welsh football league system.

East Gwent League
Country Wales
Number of teams18
Level on pyramid89
Promotion toGwent County League Division Two
Current championsCaldicot Castle A
WebsiteEast Gwent AFL


The area of the league is bordered by the River Severn/Bristol Channel on the South and the River Wye on the East to Monmouth. The league area continues West to include Raglan then following a line south to, but not including Llanwern , then on to the River Severn /Bristol Channel.


The league is composed of two divisions.

Member clubs 2019–20

Division One

  • Caldicot Castle 'A'
  • Iscoed Tafarn
  • Monmouth Town
  • Portskwett & Sudbrook 'A'
  • Rockfield Rovers
  • Severn Tunnel Non Political
  • Sudbrook Cricket Club 'A'
  • Thornwell Red & White 'A'
  • Undy Athletic

Division Two

  • Caldicot Castle 'B'
  • Caldicot Town
  • Chepstow Athletic
  • Chepstow Town
  • Portskwett & Sudbrook 'B'
  • Raglan
  • Sudbrook Cricket Club 'B'
  • Thornwell Red & White 'B'
  • Tintern Abbey

Promotion and relegation

The league features other teams of clubs with representation at higher levels of the Welsh football pyramid. Promotion from the First Division is to the Gwent County League Division Two may be possible if a team is eligible.

Champions: Division One

  • 2003–04: Underwood Athletic 'A'[2]
  • 2006–07: Tintern Abbey[3]
  • 2007–08: Rockfield Rovers (?)[4]
  • 2008–09: Tintern Abbey[5]
  • 2009–10:
  • 2010–11:
  • 2011–12: Tintern Abbey[6]
  • 2012–13:
  • 2013–14: Underwood Athletic 'A'
  • 2014–15: Sudbrook Cricket Club 'A'
  • 2015–16: Mathern 'A'
  • 2016–17: Underwood Athletic 'A'
  • 2017–18: Caldicot Castle 'A'
  • 2018–19: Caldicot Castle 'A'[7]


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