Earth Spirit (film)

Earth Spirit (German:Erdgeist) is a 1923 German silent drama film directed by Leopold Jessner and starring Asta Nielsen, Albert Bassermann and Carl Ebert. It is based on the play of the same name by Frank Wedekind. It premiered in Berlin on 22 February 1923.[1]

Earth Spirit
Directed byLeopold Jessner
Produced byRichard Oswald
Written byFrank Wedekind (play)
Carl Mayer
StarringAsta Nielsen
Albert Bassermann
Carl Ebert
Gustav Rickelt
CinematographyAxel Graatkjær
Distributed byRichard Oswald-Film
Release date
22 February 1923
German intertitles


Dr. Schön marries a lower class girl, Lulu. Young and voluptuous she attracts the attention of the all the male gender, but the doctor will not let her go. After Lulu shoots the doctor, his son has to make a serious decision.



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