Eagle Village First Nation - Kipawa

Eagle Village First Nation - Kipawa (French: Première Nation de Eagle Village - Kipawa) is a First Nations band government in Quebec, Canada.[1] Its only Aboriginal Reserve has the same name: Eagle Village First Nation - Kipawa Indian Reserve, also known as Kebaowek.[2] The community is affiliated with the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council. According to Chief Michael Mckenzie (1923-1996), the reserve was established in 1965 for communities living in Wolf Lake, Brennan Lake, Long Point and other locations around Lake Kipawa.[3] In 1970, 52 acres were set aside for the reservation.[3]

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  • Kermot A. Moore, Kipawa: Portrait of a People. Cobalt, Ontario: Highway Book Shop, 1982. ISBN 0889542430.


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