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Born1970 (age 4849)
Mulhouse, Alsace (France), France
Occupation(s)Composer, musician, visual artist
InstrumentsSound artist, concrete music,Electronics
Years active199@–present
LabelsSonoris, Erstwhile Records, hatOLOGY, Room40, Mikroton Recordings, Planam, Monotype Records
Associated actsLuc Ferrari, Fm Einheit, Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, Natacha Muslera, Voice Crack, Anthony Pateras, Catherine Jauniaux, Jérôme Noetinger, Dieb13, Christian Fennesz, Martin Brandlmayr, Les Percussions De Strasbourg

eRikm is a French improviser, composer and visual artist [1] who has been active in art since 1992. He is noted for his work with turntables.

Quickly recognised as a virtuoso turntablist and sound artist, eRikm has made a longlife habit of crossing all territories and « world-systems » deemed "independent", "institutional".

At the same time, he has developed an open and aspirational approach toward the technological media, both as a means of development for a new economic model and as an instrument for creation, production and diffusion. His work references both the intimate and political, both popular and high culture.

He is most well known for his improvisational collaborations. Notable collaborators include: Luc Ferrari, Christian Marclay, Dieb13, Otomo Yoshihide, Mathilde Monnier, Les percussions de Strasbourg, and FM Einheit.

Since 1997, on his own or with collaborators, eRikm has toured (with 5-7 on-tour projects to date), or created by request specific pieces, both transversal or for fixed spaces (record labels, radio, festivals, art centres…) In the meanwhile, each time building on what has emerged before, the most personal fragments from his work (notably from his early artworks in photography, drawings, visual installations and video) continue to substantiate a singular kaleidoscopic vision.

Main works

Solo Album & composition

  • 1999 : Zygosis - Sonoris
  • 1999 : Frame - Metamkine
  • 2001 : MonO FaCe MirRor - Sonoris
  • 2006 : Sixperiodes - Sirr records
  • 2007 : Variations Opportunistes - Label Ronda
  • 2008 : Steme - Room 40
  • 2010 : Lux Payllettes - Entr'acte
  • 2011 : Visitation echoing Presque Rien 2 de Luc Ferrari - Alga Marghen
  • 2012 : Austral - D'autres cordes records
  • 2012 : Transfall - Room 40
  • 2015 : Select archive I - L’Art de la fuite - Sonoris
  • 2016 : Doubse Hystérie - Monotype records
  • 2018 : Drum-Machines for Les Percussions de Strasbourg - PDS
  • 2018 : Flow - bandcamp
  • 2018 : Mistpouffers - Empreintes Digitales

Free improv & collaboration

Re-organisation & re-composition


  • Andy Guhl, eRikm, Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang

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