ERIH PLUS (originally called the European Reference Index for the Humanities or ERIH) is an index containing bibliographic information on academic journals in the humanities and social sciences (SSH).[1]. The index includes all journals that meet the following requirements: "explicit procedures for external peer review; an academic editorial board, with members affiliated with universities or other independent research organizations; a valid ISSN code, confirmed by the international ISSN register; abstracts in English and/or another international language relevant for the field for all published articles; information on author affiliations and addresses; a maximum two thirds of the authors published in the journal from the same institution".[2]

ProducerNSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data (Norway)
History2014 - present
DisciplinesHumanities and Social Sciences
Record depthBibliographic information
Format coverageAcademic journals
Geospatial coverageEurope

ERIH was originally established by the European Science Foundation and was transferred to the NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data in 2014, mainly because it already operates the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publisers.[3] At the same time it was extended to also include social science disciplines and renamed ERIH PLUS.[4][5]. The aim of ERIH PLUS is to increase the visibility and availability of SSH. The index goes beyond the commercial indexing services by providing a comprehensive coverage of the scholarly communication and publishing in the fields, enabling researchers to better disseminate their work in national and international languages.[6]


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