ENARM Pentagun

The Pentagun is a five-round shotgun manufactured by the Brazilian firm ENARM (Empresa Nacional de Armas). It has a revolver-type cylinder and could be fired double action only. Gas blow-by between cylinder and barrel was prevented by means of movable barrel, which was pulled just prior to firing 1.5mm backwards into the corresponding recesses in cylinder.[2] The shotgun utilizes a straight-line configuration (similar to AR-15) in order to minimize muzzle rise when firing.

ENARM Pentagun
Place of originBrazil
Production history
DesignerNelmo Suzano, Luiz Gonçalves and Gilson Fontes[1]
DesignedDecember 1986[2]
Length900mm (commercial), 680mm (military/police)[2]
Barrel length510mm (commercial), 290mm (military/police)

Cartridge12 Gauge
ActionDouble action
Feed system5 round cylinder


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