EDC Paris Business School

EDC Paris Business School, also called Ecole des Dirigeants et des Créateurs d'entreprise, is a French business School in the city of Paris based in the major business district of Europe La Défense.[1] It offers four complete programs in English at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels (luxury brand management)

EDC Paris Business School
École des dirigeants et créateurs d'entreprise
MottoEthics, Solidarity and Spirit of conquest
TypePrivate Business school
PresidentAlain-Dominique Perrin
DirectorJean Marcel Jammet
Location, ,
CampusLa Défense
ColorsBlue and White          
AffiliationsSup de luxe, Sport Management School, Chair Cartier, UGEI
MascotAn Owl (Cacahuète la chouette)

Its Msc in Management (The prestigious Grande Ecole program) is ranked 2nd France by SMBG Ranking [2] and its MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management is ranked 9th worldwide by eduniversal.[3] EDC Work and the Sup de Luxe department of EDC) is an association with the Jewellery Cartier since its creation in 1990. Established in 1950,[4] EDC Paris Business School provides business and management courses to 1300 students, both in French and in English. The school is a property of 270 Business Man.[5]

The EDC Paris Business School Grande Ecole (Master in Management) (MiM) is a prestigious degree founded with HEC Paris entrepreneur [5] and Robert Papin's business missions. It is ranked in the Best 20 Business Schools among 200 in France by Le figaro.[6] In 2015, EDC open new MBA International Entrepreneurship, Global Exchange, International Business Trade, Purchasing and Supply chain.[7]


French students, unless they have studied abroad, must succeed at a competitive entrance examination, known as the concours. There are two concours, depending on undergraduate studies:

Concours Link (2450 candidates in 2014 for 250 selected)

250 places are offered to the best student after the Baccalauréat (High school diploma) [8]

Concours Passerelle (7400 candidates in 2014 for 2 800 selected) [9]

Their curriculum includes a written examination with 4 test: literary essay on an economic subject, test arpeggio (general knowledge, memorization, algebra, logic), English test and Test in the choice (Mathematics, management, law, economy, management, marketing, philosophy...) and then an oral examinations: English Test, interview in Spanish or in German and then an important interview in every school of the concours in front of professional's jury (ex: CEO).

World Partner universities

Notable EDC Paris Business School faculty, staff and owner

Some names of the list:[11]


Founded in 1950, EDC PARIS is one of the oldest business schools in France.[13]

Accreditations and associations

Sourced from EDC Paris Business School Programme[14][15]


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