Duncan Taylor (company)

Duncan Taylor is an independent alcoholic beverages company. Based in Huntly, Scotland, it is one of a few independent, family owned alcoholic beverages companies trading in the market today.

Duncan Taylor Ltd
Limited company
Founded1938 (Glasgow)
HeadquartersHuntly, Scotland
Key people
Euan Shand (Chairman)
Moji Shand (CEO)
ProductsAlcoholic beverages: spirits
Number of employees
28 (2015)

The company has become known for brands, some if which are: Black Bull (Scotch Whisky), Indian Summer, Smokin', The Octave, The Rarest, Tantalus.


Duncan Taylor was founded in Glasgow in 1938 as a cask broker and trading company. Over the decades, the company built strong ties with distillers and distilleries over Scotland, with the company bringing their own casks to the distilleries to be filled with new make spirit. This resulted in a collection of cask whiskies distilleries – many of which are now closed – which are still maturing in the Duncan Taylor warehouses today.

The company was acquired by Euan Shand in 2001, whose experience in the industry has included stints at the Glendronach distillery, William Teacher’s & Sons, and founding and running The Bennachie Whisky Company. Euan subsequently moved Duncan Taylor to his home town of Huntly, acquired a facility in the town which he converted to a bottling plant, and established Duncan Taylor as an independent bottling company.


Duncan Taylor has a portfolio of brands. Including:


Some Duncan Taylor & Co brands have received awards in various editions of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

A North British 1978, cask Q247, 54.7% abv from the Rare Auld range received a "Liquid Gold Award" in the 2010 Whisky Bible (awards are granted to any whiskies which score 94 or above out of a maximum 100 points). The single cask grain whisky was also rated "Scotch Grain of the Year".

Based on ratings by blind tasting panels, Duncan Taylor & Co was awarded the "Independent Bottlers of Year" award from Whisky Magazine[1] in 2006 (Highlands, Lowlands & Blended categories),[1] 2007 (Lowlands),[2] 2008 (Lowlands),[3] and 2011 (Islay).[4]


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