Drysdale Island

Drysdale Island is a large yet low lying island in the Wessel Islands group in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is 12.4 km long and up to 6.4 km wide. It measures 49.5 kmĀ² in area.[1]

The only settlement is Yirringa, a small family outstation at the northeastern end.[2]

There are numerous small lakes within it which are easily accessed by the tide, some of which are submerged for prolonged periods of time.

Much smaller and uninhabited Yargara Island (little more than one square kilometre in area) lies directly north and is separated from it by a shallow, rocky channel 400 metres wide. Nearest neighbour to the south(west) is Graham Island, separated by a 1600 metre wide marine channel. The easternmost point of the island is called Dale Point.


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