Drummond Community High School

Drummond Community High School (DCHS) is a non-denominational secondary school built originally in 1925 by John Alexander Carfrae which serves the area of north east Edinburgh. Drummond Community High School is on Bellevue Place and was originally known as Bellevue Junior Secondary School. The catchment area serves an area to the east of the city including the southern areas of Leith, Hillside, Abbeyhill, Broughton and Bellevue. In addition to the school roll of 352, the school provides places for over 400 adult day learners and approximately 400 adult learners in evening classes.

Drummond Community High School
41 Bellevue Place

City of Edinburgh

TypeState funded Community High School
HeadteacherJodie Hannan 2016 - Present
Age11 to 18
EnrolmentAround 352 school pupils and approximately 400 adult learners in evening[1]
HousesClaremont, Annandale, Bellevue
Colour(s)          Maroon & Gold (badge)

          Black & While (uniform)

          School Ties: Blue (S1 - S4) & Black (S5 - S6)
Local authorityCity of Edinburgh Council
ClusterDrummond Cluster (includes feeder schools: Abbeyhill Primary School, Broughton Primary School, Leith Walk Primary School, and from up to 20 non-district primary schools)


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