Drummin fort

Drummin fort is a ringfort and National Monument located in County Roscommon, Ireland.[1][2][3]

Drummin fort
Native name
Irish: Ráth na Dromainne
Location of Drummin fort in Ireland
Typeringfort with ogham stones
LocationDrummin, Bellanagare,
County Roscommon, Ireland
Coordinates53.834358°N 8.368769°W / 53.834358; -8.368769
Area0.52 ha (1.3 acres)
Elevation86 m (282 ft)
Built1st–9th century AD
Official name: Drummin Ringfort & Ogham Stones
Reference no.650


Drummin ringfort is located 900 m (½ mile) east-southeast of Bellanagare.[4]

History and description

Drummin Rath contains a pair of Ogham stones close to the southern part.[5]

Ogham stones

Drummin I (CIIC 11) reads CUNOVATO on a Sandstone pillar 1.05 m (3 ft 5 in) high.[6] This suggests *Kunowatīs, "dog prophet," and a 5th-century date.[7]

Drummin II reads RAVASA KOI MAQQI D/T ... L ("Here is Ravasa, son of ...") and SENN on a sandstone pillar 1.9 m (6 ft 3 in) high.[8][9] [10][11]


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