Dreswick Point

Dreswick Point is the southernmost point of the main island of the Isle of Man. It is the southern tip of the Langness Peninsula in the south-east of the island, some 4 km from Castletown.

Dreswick Point

Aerial view of the point and lighthouse
Dreswick Point
Location within the Isle of Man
Crown dependencyIsle of Man

Langness Lighthouse

Langness Lighthouse
Langness Lighthouse in 2007
LocationDreswick Point, Langness Peninsula
Isle of Man
Coordinates54.054878°N 4.625078°W / 54.054878; -4.625078
Year first constructed1880
Constructionmasonry tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower, black lantern
Tower height19 metres (62 ft)
Focal height23 metres (75 ft)
Current lenstwin 300 mm lens
Light source12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi)
CharacteristicFl (2) W 30s.
Admiralty numberA4762
NGA number4984
ARLHS numberIOM-009
Managing agentLangness Lighthouse Cottage[1]

Langness Lighthouse was established in 1880 to guide boats into Castletown and is currently owned by TV car journalist Jeremy Clarkson, who featured the lighthouse in an episode of Top Gear (series 07, Episode 1). Before this time, a landmark known as the Herring Tower held a lighted flare to guide fishing boats. The lighthouse is a Registered Building.

The Potato Grave

Near the lighthouse is a turf covered mound, known as the potato grave.[2] In 1832 a ship carrying Irish workers to the Isle of Man to help with the digging of potatoes was lost with all hands and over the intervening days the bodies of those who perished were washed ashore. At this time on the Isle of Man it was customary bury the bodies of people washed ashore behind a hedge in the place it had been found, and so a communal grave was dug and all 32 bodies placed within it.[3]

No stone marks the resting place of these souls, their only memorial is a turf covered mound.[4]

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