Draugen oil field

Draugen is an oil field in the Norwegian Sea with a sea depth of 250 metres (800 ft). It has been operating by A/S Norske Shell until sold to AS OKEA in 2018[1]. The field has been developed with a concrete fixed facility and integrated topside. Stabilized oil is stored in tanks in the base of the facility. Two flowlines connect the facility to a floating loading buoy.

Draugen oil field
The Draugen' platform in July 2017
Location of Draugen oil field
RegionNorwegian Sea
Coordinates64°21′11.42″N 7°46′57.38″E
OperatorAS OKEA
Field history
Start of production1993
Producing formationsRogn Formation

The Garn Vest and Rogn Sør deposits have been developed with a total of five subsea wells connected to the main facility at Draugen. The field has six subsea water injection wells.[2] Additional resources in the Garn Vest structure came on stream in December 2001, while development of additional resources at the Rogn Sør structure were approved in the spring of 2001, coming on stream in January 2003.


The major reservoir is the Rogn Formation, a shallow marine sand bar of the Late Jurassic at around 1,600 metres (5,200 ft), while on the western side of the field is the Garn Formation of the Middle Jurassic.[2] They are all producing reservoirs with good characteristics.

Recovery and transport

The platform consists of a concrete monocolumn with integrated deck.[2] Oil transport is accomplished through tanker via floating buoy.[2]

The Asgard transport pipeline is used for transport of natural gas to Kårstø.


In January 2008, a small amount of oil was spilled after a pipe broke while loading a tanker. The oil being loaded into the Navion Scandia tanker was spilled when the pipeline pressure became too high. The oil spilled was in such a small amount that much of it evaporated before being contained.[3]

Current status

New production wells are currently being drilled and more is being considered to increase output. Gas injection and water injection are used to increase production.[2] CO2 injection has been rejected.[4]

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