Dr. Seuss on the Loose

Dr. Seuss on the Loose (titled Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories for the sing-a-long videocassette release and the deluxe edition releases) is an animated musical television special, first airing on CBS on October 15, 1973, and hosted by The Cat in the Hat who appears in bridging sequences where he introduced animated adaptations of Dr. Seuss children's stories The Sneetches, The Zax and Green Eggs and Ham. Allan Sherman reprised his role as the voice of The Cat in the Hat from the 1971 television special. This was the final project Sherman worked on before his death.

Dr. Seuss on the Loose
Based onThe Sneetches and Other Stories and Green Eggs and Ham
by Dr. Seuss
Written byDr. Seuss
Directed byHawley Pratt
Presented byAllan Sherman
Voices ofHans Conried
Paul Winchell
Bob Holt
Narrated byHans Conried (first two stories)
Composer(s)Dean Elliott
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)David H. DePatie
Producer(s)Friz Freleng
Ted Geisel
Editor(s)Allan Potter
Joe Siracusa
Rick Steward
Production company(s)Cat in the Hat Productions
DePatie–Freleng Enterprises
CBS Productions
Distributor20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (VHS)
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (DVD)
Warner Home Video (Blu-ray and DVD)
Original networkCBS
Original releaseOctober 15, 1973

Voice cast

  • Allan ShermanThe Cat in the Hat
  • Hans Conried – North-going Zax / South-going Zax / Fox / Narrator
  • Paul Winchell – Sam-I-Am / Guy-Am-I / Plain Bellied Sneetches Clones #1 / Star Bellied Sneetches Clones #1
  • Bob Holt – Sylvester McMonkey McBean / Plain Bellied Sneetches Clones #2 / Star Bellied Sneetches Clones #2

Home media

In 1989, the special was originally released as a VHS videocassette on the CBS/Fox Video label's Playhouse Video imprint. In the mid 1990s, it was later released as part of the Dr. Seuss Sing-Along Classics release from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment with CBS Video and FOX Kids Video. On October 7, 2003, it was later released on DVD by Universal Studios Home Entertainment/Universal Studios Family Productions. On June 26, 2012, Warner Home Video released the special on a re-mastered special deluxe edition Blu-ray and DVD.[1]

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