Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker is a German multinational company that produces baking powder, cake mixes, frozen pizza, pudding, cake decoration, cornflakes, and various other products.

Dr. Oetker KG
Limited partnership
IndustryFood processing
Founded1891 (1891)
FounderAugust Oetker
HeadquartersBielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Productsbaking powder, pudding, cake mixes, yogurts, frozen pizza
Revenue€10.9 billion
OwnerRudolf August Oetker 
Number of employees
30,787 (2015)
Websiteoetker.com and oetker-gruppe.de

The company is a wholly owned branch of the Oetker Group, headquartered in Bielefeld.


The portfolio includes more than 300 individual companies in five different businesses, among them food (including Dr. Oetker GmbH and Coppenrath & Wiese KG), breweries (Radeberger Group), sparkling wine and spirits (Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei), banking (Bankhaus Lampe), and "further interests" (among them chemicals, financing, and participation, and a number of high-class hotels all over Europe).



The company was founded by Doctor August Oetker in 1891; the first product developed was Backin, a measured amount of baking powder that, when mixed with 500 grams (18 oz) of flour and other ingredients, produced a cake.

First World War

Oetker's son, Rudolf, died in the First World War. However, Rudolf and his wife, Ida, had two children, Rudolf-August and Ursula. Ida Oetker remarried Richard Kaselowsky, and they subsequently had four more children. Dr. Kaselowsky raised Rudolf-August and Ursula as his own.

Second World War

During the 1930s and 1940s, Rudolf-August Oetker was an active member of the Waffen SS of the Third Reich. Mr Oetker provided pudding mixes and munitions to German troops. It is also reported that the business used slave labour in some of its facilities. A bronze bust of Richard Kaselowsky, a prominent German entrepreneur and member of the Nazi party, currently still sits within the company headquarters in Bielefeld.[1]

International expansion

Rudolf August Oetker, the grandson of Dr. August Oetker, led the company between 1944 and 1981, and during this period, it achieved its highest growth. The company expanded its presence internationally, acquiring many companies around the world. When Rudolf Oetker stepped down from his leadership position, the fourth generation of the Oetker family took over from him. The family ownership established the management principle that "The interests of the company have priority over those of the family" (Annual Report Dr. August Oetker KG, 2005).

Dr. August Oetker, the great-grandson of the founder, led the company from 1981 until 2010. Under his tenure, it expanded further in all areas, including shipping, food, and brewing.

Richard Oetker, Dr. August Oetker's brother, took over as CEO in 2010.

International presence


Dr. Oetker purchased Australian food manufacturer Simplot Australia's frozen pizza business, including the iconic brand Papa Giuseppi's in January 2011.[2]


In Brazil, the company has a site in São Paulo. The company supplies powdered desserts, frozen pizza, and teas. The company has been established in Brazil since 1954.


The company has its head office and factory in Mississauga, Ontario. In 1962, Dr. Oetker entered the Canadian market as Condima Imports Ltd. In 1992, it purchased the "Shirriff" line of products, which are made at the Mississauga plant. In 2003, the Condima name was dropped and the company started using the Dr. Oetker brand.[3] In July 2011 Dr. Oetker announced the building of its first North American factory in London, Ontario to make frozen pizzas made from Ontario produce and ingredients that will be shipped in Canada and the USA.[4] In August 2014, McCain Foods announced the sale of its North American frozen pizza business to Dr. Oetker. Through product placement on its packaging and through employee giving, the company supports the children's charity SOS Children's Villages Canada.[5]


In Denmark, a wide selection is available. Baking powder, frozen pizza, pudding, and cake decorations are sold in most supermarkets. The company has an office in Glostrup.


In Estonia, frozen pizzas are available at supermarkets.


In Finland, frozen pizzas, pudding, and cake decoration are available at supermarkets.


In France, frozen pizzas are available at supermarkets.


The company operates also in India and has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. In India, the company sells sauces, chutneys, dessert toppings, cake mixes, etc. IPR and recipes acquired for certain Indian sauces from owner operator and Chef Manav Paul[6] of MiXStudio[7] & Mix Bar & Grill - Goa[8] & Rahul Akerkar Indigo.


In Italy, Dr. Oetker operates under the brand Cameo. The Italian division was founded in Milano in 1933 as Oetker and then later moved to Desenzano del Garda, which continues until today. In 1953, the name is switched to Cammeo, a more Italian and easy-listening word, changed again for the last time in 1984 to Cameo.


Many Dr. Oetker products are available, including frozen pizzas, baking powder, and gelatine, the latter in both unflavoured and dessert forms.


In Malaysia, Dr. Oetker was currently operated after the acquisition of Nona Foods. The previous ownership of Nona Foods was Toro Food Industries.[9] Previously, Dr. Oetker was represented in Malaysia by Kart Food Industries, between 1998 and 2002, when the company was sold to Amtek Berhad.[10]

Following the acquisition of Nona Foods, the local subsidiary of Dr. Oetker produces jelly mixes and seasoning flour, in addition to pizzas and baking preparations.


In Namibia, frozen pizzas are available at supermarkets.


In the Netherlands, frozen pizza and cake mixes can be found in all major grocery chains.

New Zealand

As with the purchase of Simplot Australia's frozen pizza business (see above), Dr. Oetker has been able to move into the New Zealand market.


In Norway, Dr. Oetker is the second-largest seller of frozen pizza with a market share of 16.5%.[11]


The company has been present in Romania since 1998, when it took over Regal Corporation. Four years later, it opened a production line near Curtea de Argeș, where the majority of the products sold in Romania are produced. In 2007 Dr. Oetker acquires the local brand Inedit (food soy products), in 2009 the local brand Adazia (food ingredients, food spices and egg-colour), in 2015 the local brand Alex (food ingredients, egg-colour, spices), and in 2016 the local brand Morarita (frozen pastry).

In 2018, Dr. Oetker was one of the biggest players in the food market in Romania (top 100).[12]


In Spain, frozen pizzas are available at supermarkets.

South Africa

In South Africa, frozen pizza products in many variants, frozen creamed spinach and other ready to eat frozen meals are available at supermarkets.


In Sweden, Dr Oetker's baking soda, gelatin, and other baking items, as well as frozen pizza products, are available at supermarkets.


In Pancar- Torbali, Izmir,  Dr. Oetker has a production facility, producing goods, such as frozen pizza, baking powder and cake mixes for primarily the Turkish market.[13]

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the company has sites in Leeds, Leyland, Lancashire and Sherburn-in-Elmet. The company was a supplier of yogurt in the UK, under the Onken name which Dr. Oetker now no longer owns. The company also supplies frozen pizza, mostly under the Chicago Town brand, and in 2007 acquired the SuperCook range of cake ingredients and partially prepared cake mixes. In September 2017, Dr. Oetker expanded the cake mixes sector with new Bake in the Box Loaf Cake Mix range which is available in UK.[14]

Radeberger Group

Radeberger Group contains the breweries of the Oetker group. Radeberger is Germany's biggest group of breweries and has a market share of about 14-15%. 15 German breweries are part of the Radeberger Group. The major national brands are Radeberger Pils (brewed in Radeberg near Dresden), Jever Pils (brewed in Jever); Clausthaler, an alcohol-free beer, and Schöfferhofer Weizen.

Regional brands are Binding (brewed in Frankfurt), Schultheiss (Berlin), Sternburg (Leipzig), Brinkhoff's (Dortmund), Freiberger (Saxony), Tucher (Fürth) and various Kölsch brands.


The company runs ten hotels under the brand Oetker Collection. The portfolio is currently:

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