Dr. Chapatín

Dr. Chapatín is a fictional doctor, created and performed by the Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Dr. Chapatín
First appearanceLos Supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada (1968)
Last appearanceLa fila del banco (Chespirito) (1995)
Created byChespirito
Portrayed byRoberto Gómez Bolaños
AliasDr. Chespirito Chapatín


Dr. Chapatin usually appears in his office, with his secretary and nurse, performed by Florinda Meza. A cross between a quack doctor and an obsolete physician with an old-fashioned air, he's shown as greedy for money, caring little about his actions or words. Regardless this doesn't come off as sinister, but rather adds spice to his character. An example of this is when he is trying to operate a patient played by Ramón Valdez: "How do you do? 200 pesos please." He is always trying to perform surgery on patients, even if they don’t need it.

Dr. Chapatín always has a paper bagno one knows what is inside. When asked about it he answers "queles", meaning que les importa, or "none of your business". When people dare suggest that he is "old", he sometimes hits them with this bag. He has a peculiar sense of humor, which sometimes can be understood as an innocent obsession for gaining money. His office appears to be a typical old doctor's office in Mexico, complete with a human skeleton, a gramophone, an old desk and an old telephone. Dr. Chapatin has been seen in hospitals and scrub-ups. He once started eating while helping to perform an operation. He has an old car which is almost totally broken down, and despite this, he still wants to use it.

First appearance

Originally, Dr. Chapatin appeared in Los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada, a sketch comedy show, where he was known as "Doctor Chespirito Chapatín".

Other appearances

He had also appeared in one of the episodes of El Chavo del 8, in which Sr. Barriga (Edgar Vivar) had fallen down and broken his feet, making him a wheelchair user. Dr. Chapatín took him to his hospital and made Sr. Barriga pay for 50 X-rays. He also appeared towards the end of El Chavo's musical video Joven Aún.

He also makes "cameos" in all Chespirito movies, with the exception of Música de viento.

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